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I Switch...Therefore, I Am by BlackieTheCajun
January 2017
1Sub Space Versus Slave Space
2Torn Apart
3Sickk, and...?
6Bad Day?...Ya think?
7Ten Things A Dominant Needs
8Racing Thoughts...and, Chronic Pain?
13Coming and Going...
14What Submission Means to Me
23I'll...Figure it out.
27Poems of Submission and Control

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Poems of Submission and Control
January 27, 2017

Hearts and Flowers
By Master Troy

Who wants them?
I prefer the look
the whimper
the smell
of you

Hearts get broken
Flowers die
But your look
your want
your deep,dark eyes
burn forever in my mind

you cry echoes through me
like thunder on a stormy night
The scent of my fingers
long after I leave you,
bereft...needing more

I'll keep the hearts and flowers
for someone less deserving
you are my slave,
you deserve nothing less
than I give you...

Picture This
By Me

Picture sepia tones
with vivid splashes of color
In the deepest,darkest
recesses of my mind
the slave lies in slumber
his depraved dreams
merge with reality
across blurred lines
he waits to be summoned
eager to please
an overwhelming addiction
such is his need
his Master's touch a prelude
to his tortured skin
Where the birch is not a tree
but an object of extreme pain
and intense pleasure
A thousand tiny strands of fire
caress his naked flesh
Where deepest crimson
rapes ivory flank
the marks a testament
to his unquestionable submission
and his Master's undeniable control

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