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Wish Me Luck!! by Dean Atlas
December 2016
1Here we go
2getting up sucks
3Getting up sucks part II
13Closing Down the Department
14Piles of cellphones
15Why are there so many
18So many cellphones
20Should I go??
24I didn't mean to
26Sage is so cool

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Here we go
December 1, 2016

Rich slowly woke up feeling fuzzy and thick. His left arm kept falling asleep from poor circulation and forcing him awake several times throughout the night.
"Fuckin arm," he mumbled to himself while taking turns touching each of his fingertips with his thumb to try and get them to stop feeling numb and tingly. The chaos from the night before washed over him in waves of quick images of different sexual positions. He sat up with a grown and swallowed reluctantly as he slowly assessed how nasty this mornings breath was going to be. He was pretty sure he hadn't tongued Tami's bung last night, but it sure tasted like he might have. Squinting from the morning sunlight that was sneaking through dusty holes in his badly beat up brown curtains. His eyelids were stinging with every blink his eyes made, and they were begging him to just go back to sleep and catch that last dream before it was gone forever.
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