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Wish Me Luck!! by Dean Atlas
December 2016
1Here we go
2getting up sucks
3Getting up sucks part II
13Closing Down the Department
14Piles of cellphones
15Why are there so many
18So many cellphones
20Should I go??
24I didn't mean to
26Sage is so cool

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December 2016

getting up sucks
December 2, 2016

"Fuuuuuck." Rich growled, groaned, and started to slowly get up. Angrily swiping the blankets away from his face he finally accepted his fate. Skinning, muscular arms began reaching straight up as he submerged himself in a giant yawn.
"Ahhhhh shiiawwwt," he howled defiantly. Consumed in the contortions of his morning stretch he clenched his eyes shut and wished one last time that they could stay asleep for five more minutes. Just five more minutes of sleep is all he needed and he'd be fine. Five more minutes. He knew better than to put his head back down on his pillow or he'd pass out for sure. He needed this new job to workout for him no matter how bad he hated it.
Still squinting his eyes almost shut he glanced over and saw his blue work vest rolled up in a ball in the corner of the room.
"Bingo," he said and pointed at it as if shooting a gun.
"Now if I can find my name tag I'll be stoked." he whispered and smiled a bit realizing he was thinking out loud.
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