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Wish Me Luck!! by Dean Atlas
December 2016
1Here we go
2getting up sucks
3Getting up sucks part II
13Closing Down the Department
14Piles of cellphones
15Why are there so many
18So many cellphones
20Should I go??
24I didn't mean to
26Sage is so cool

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Piles of cellphones
December 14, 2016

"Oh! and to answer your question!" Sage bellowed as he started walking out of the room and into the main lobby where all the cash registers were. He grabbed one of the big cardboard advertisement signs that was sitting right outside of the cellphone sales department entryway and started carrying it towards Richard who was standing in front of the storage closet. "We live right across the street from where the old P.U.D used to be in Gails edition. It's a bright blue single wide trailer." his voice slightly echoing throughout the empty room.
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