Today is July 20, 2018
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Wish Me Luck!! by Dean Atlas
July 2017
20% Cocaine
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0% Cocaine
July 2, 2017

So I've been trying (unsuccessfully) to write this book for several years now. I really think it will be good if I can get it locked down. But having the self control to get into a consistent routine of writing has been very challenging. I had some of my poetry published when I was younger, and I always have considered myself a writer ever since that point. But I've realized lately that there is a big difference to making words rhyme at the ends of sentences, and creating meaningful character development that is leading the plot to a powerful crescendo . But I'm not going to quit until I have all these stories that are wandering around in my heart and head down on paper. There is a college book I found recently laying around my bookshelves about how to write fiction. I'm not sure how long I've been lugging this thing around, or if it was even a class I once took. But on the first page it said to start out by keeping a journal....So here goes!!

Today had it's ups and downs. I cook at a fast paced, high volume restaurant that isn't the most organized operation. Out of the 15 people that work there maybe 3 of us are worth a shit. So whenever I usually reach for something that should be stocked and ready to isn't there!! So fucking frustrating. I'm pretty sure the old boss lady is whacked out on meth. She works super long hours and is definitely one of the moodiest people I've ever worked for. But it's pretty hard to call the boss out for being wasted when she's big, old, and looks like what your adorable Auntie or Mom could've looked like in another life. She bitches at us for things that are not even our fault. That gets under my skin super quick. It's taken a couple of skirmishes between us but she has learned to leave me alone. I know, that she knows, I'm one of the few peeps there that actually works hard and has a fucking clue. Blah blah blah

Kind of venting today LoL Sorry:)

So I was reading the back of this bottle of juice I like to buy for myself. And I noticed that it said
0% vitamin C... and 0% Biotin...and 0% Potassium...and I was like wtf...why do I care what's not in it???
How about 0% Cocaine...or 0% Carbon monoxide...Why list the shit that's not there?? For fuck sake..that list could go on forever!
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