Today is July 20, 2018
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Wish Me Luck!! by Dean Atlas
July 2017
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3out with the ass wipes
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out with the ass wipes
July 3, 2017

I slept in today anticipating a couple of crazy days at work coming up. I usually workout in some form or another. For the past month or so I've been climbing up into the hills behind my house that goes into the state owned woods. It's super peaceful. I've never have seen anyone walking up there yet out of all the times I've gone. I like to walk fast and get my heart rate up to where I'm huffing and puffing. It's extremely beautiful where I live. But I skipped that today. Just napped and watched different seasons of "Bob's Burgers," and "Rick and Morty" all day. Yeah I know, a grown ass man that still watches cartoons...but they make me laugh, and I believe that's one of the funnest parts about life is laughing.
Well to bad the rest of my day wasn't anything to giggle about. So when I got to work the boss lady was being lame, and Jeremiah was being a dick, and once again no one from the previous shifts had stocked anything. After about the tenth thing I reached for that wasn't there...I quietly snapped. I went to my locker put the lock in my backpack and got in my car and drove away. I didn't talk to anyone. I didn't give any weird big speeches... Like the one off of "Half Baked" the movie...
Fuck you...
fuck you...
Fuck you...

You're cool (pointing at the one person who you actually do like.)

But fuck you I'm out.

Great scene in the movie, and yeah I was tempted to quote it word for word. I've never been one of those people who will turn in there 2 week notice and suffer hanging out with the ass wipes you're getting another job to escape from. And yes, I know I should have a new job before I quit an old one. But I just couldn't take it anymore. What a disorganized shit show.
Oh well, I learned a lot about myself working there. And I don't regret checking out if I could still do fast food now that I'm an old bastard. After working the past 15 years as a bartender and the last 7 of those being a bar owner...I kind of needed something like Jack in the Box to help me become humble again. I also learned that I can still kick ass at 44 and get things done. It really felt good working circles around all the other co workers that were around me...Within 3 months they were making me a manager...So to my surprise...I still (kind of) got it!! And to be completely honest I wasn't sure if that was the case when I first lost my bar a year ago.
Well now I just got to focus my talents into something that I enjoy, and isn't so damn embarrassing.

You know what I love?? I love it when I'm sitting on my comfy couch and eating in my living room. And right when I've got a mouthful of something incredibly hot pizza, all melting and amazing. Suddenly on the TV I get to see an add about nasty ass Athletes feet...or fucking Penis enlargements...or Tampons...I love the fact that while I'm wiping the pizza sauce off of my chin, my whole living room gets consumed in a wholesome folk song about bloody snooches....or a super catchy tune by a barbershop quartet that is all about longer throbbing boners...WTF!! There should be warnings these adds are about to come on! Something like: In ten seconds we're about to totally disgust you. And maybe even embarrass the shit out of you. You and anyone that you have sitting right next to you...In five more seconds you're about to have this awkward moment where none of you can make eye contact for the next couple of seconds cause you're pondering which one of your friends in the room has herpes...Yeah! Thanks Ya fuckers! Just try explaining to a 6 year old on Christmas morning what a yeast infection cause she just blurted out and asked you while standing right in front of embarrassing...They need to take these commercials off TV!! This is shit that should be talked about in the privacy of your doctors office...Not my living room!!

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