Today is July 20, 2018
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Wish Me Luck!! by Dean Atlas
July 2017
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never look
July 8, 2017

Today was kind of kick back. I did actually go for a long walk so it wasn't a complete waste of a day. I ate really good food too. Worked out for the first time in months. It felt good but I could tell that I've lost some of my strength, but it will come back. I figure if I'm not working and moving around I better get really healthy so when I do get that new job I will be ready for it.

There are some young guys who are obviously growing weed up in the hills. We see them drive by on their quads right at sunset almost every night. They're carrying back packs and never look as if they are heading up the mountain for a good ride. I don't really care. Pot has been a large part of the heritage here in Washington State for several generations, so I get it. I just want my cut...just kidding.

Didn't turn in any resumes today or job applications but did get on Craigslist and looked around. Pretty sure I'm going to do at least one tomorrow.

Miss my son. He gives me purpose and a reason to keep trying. I posted the adorable photos we took at the baseball game on Facebook. It always makes me feel good inside when my friends like my photos. Could be people you haven't seen or truly even have talked to for 25 years or so, but they're still rooting you on. I'm cheering for you too.

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