Today is July 20, 2018
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Wish Me Luck!! by Dean Atlas
July 2017
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slowly faded away
July 15, 2017

I saw a mountain lion today on my walk up in the hills!! It all started when Maggie and I had found this new trail that the mountain bikers use if they dare to venture out this far into the woods. There were only a couple of tire tracks so I new that the trail wasn't getting to rode upon. But So I let Maggie remain off the leash and we started to checkout this new territory. Towering cedar trees hovering over huge ferns, thick brush, and moss covering everything that doesn't move very often. The trail progressively went slowly up in elevation as it weaved between the trees and I could tell that if it kept heading east that we should collide with the main logging road that I normally follow on my walks. When we reached the crest of the hill someone had carved a bench out of one of the old growth stumps, and Maggie and me sat for about 15 minutes and truly enjoyed the magical view of the ocean that was miles and miles away. Well luckily it turned out I was right about the road intersecting with the trail and happily Maggie and I started heading for home. After a couple of bends in the road we came to this straight stretch that goes over top of this old patch of clear cut that we know very well. In the distance (about a 100 yards) I could see that something is on the dirt road that isn't a person but I couldn't quite make out just what it was. Maggie didn't notice it right away so I kept on walking closer towards it hoping to get a good look at it. I thought it was a black bear at first cause it looked so dark and solid but then it crossed the road and I could make out it's long tail and body. For years I've been so intimidated about running into one of those fuckers. But to be totally honest after I saw it's mannerisms and body language as it trotted around and kept going back and forth checking out both sides of the road...I could just tell that this was a playful thing. Not like the scary lions I've seen on TV. It reminded me of sea otters and other animals that you can just tell are having fun being alive. Now don't get me wrong...I wasn't about to go give it hug or anything. I understand that this thing is built to kill older dudes like myself. But at that moment most of my debilitating fears I had for mountain lions slowly faded away.

*promise I'll edit this soon*

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