Today is September 19, 2018
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Wish Me Luck!! by Dean Atlas
July 2017
20% Cocaine
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16total annihilation
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total annihilation
July 16, 2017

*Free Style*

I'm a day gehind so I had to write wtice today and it'd super late and I have to wakeup early tomorrow so I'm just freestyling this. Had a good day today. Listened to old music and did chores and stuff. Worked out and walked up the hill. No cougar today but it was a good walk. I took my old route and didn't get sall scnenic this time. I work the next 5 days so I really wanted to engoy my last day off. I went into town and took my long board and with me. There is this paved path that follows the ocean along the bluffs by my town. It's awesome for cruising on your skateboard. I've missed skating so much. I really have to pick my battles these days because if I fall down and get hurt I'm missing work and all kinds of other horrible crap. Luckily there's this long stretch of uninterrupted sidewalk that's perfect. I love riding a long board now instead of normal street skate. The wheels are so big and you barely have to push or pound the ground to get cooking. And with big ass wheels I don't get fucked up by the rocks or pebbles and also I don't have to worry about the fat cracks in the road either. It's amazing.

I feel so young again when I'm on that board. The passion I used to have for life comes flowing back to me lightly with every push. There's a feeling of being absolutely free when your flying through life on a skateboard. The warm wind on my face and in my hair. The rattling sound the wheels make on the cement. The humming feeling that always tickles my feet, and then up into my legs, and sometimes right into my soul.

But I've learned never get too hypnotized by how cool the fluidity of it all is. There's this constant chance of total annihilation that is looming over you at all times. If you fuck up for one second you'll suddenly find yourself slamming on the pavement. But that's why I love it so much...the adrenaline. I've missed it.
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