Today is July 20, 2018
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Wish Me Luck!! by Dean Atlas
July 2017
20% Cocaine
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crash course
July 17, 2017

My day started out rough but ended smoothly. The head cook wasn't there so no one was around to delegate who does what. I got stuck on dishes for eight hours. I get why the other dudes don't want to do it. This definitely sucks but I know that it won't be forever. I think I better start bringing a lunch with me so I won't get so grumpy before I get out of there. No one knew I was hating it but me, but I sure wasn't into doing dishes today. When I got home I steamed up some broccoli and carrots and made up some super healthy soup and slowly began to start feeling like me again.

Fixed my fathers electric garage door today! It's been broken for months and he's mentioned to me many times how he wished it worked. Couple of days ago he called someone to get an estimate on how much it would cost to have the guy come out and fix it. I saved him a few hundred bucks. I just got on Youtube and watched a few videos and Bam!! I'm suddenly the greatest son ever. I guess this story would have more meaning if you knew that I bought my first pair of pliers like 8 years ago. I know you're probably embarrassed on my behalf, but I never embraced the whole, "A real man is measured by how big his tool shed is." For me a real man is someone who uses his strength to protect and help anything that is weaker than himself. Ahh who knows...For many years now I've tried to analyse why I have never embraced owning tools. I think it's cause I hate loud noises. Electric saws and shit scare the fuck out of me so I just have always avoided them. Or it's because I was raised in apartments most of my childhood and never had a garage or workshop to mess around in. That, and whenever you needed something fixed you just called the landlord and he had to take care of it. So why even wonder how shit works. I don't know why but eventually over the years I grew to have this mentality that I should just let other people learn how to fix cars or build houses and if I need something done I'll just pay them to do it.

Well that all changed a few years back when I needed to gut and rebuild an old bar with hardly any cash. I got a crash course on how to kick ass. So now a days I actually enjoy the challenge of trying to build things or put stuff back together. It's a lot of fun. Blah blah blah!

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