Today is September 19, 2018
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Wish Me Luck!! by Dean Atlas
November 2017
1Be right back
10 into my arms
12full of holes
13campus security
14out of control
22self-absorbed psycho
24naked juice

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campus security
November 13, 2017

Today was pretty boring at work and for some reason I could never get a groove. I did fine but I just felt out of sorts and grumpy. I'm once again getting pretty good at kicking food out of that place. When I got off work I had a couple of hours to kill until I had to be at my alcohol class so I went up to the college to checkout who I would need to talk to about getting signed up for that trucking class. But after I got up there I just sat in the parking lot and looked up everything I needed to know on my phone. I'd seriously dig talking to the professor that teaches that course and get the low down on what I'll need to succeed. Thought about finding the head of campus security "Marty" and see if he could give me the information I might need. As a favor I bartended Marty's wedding several years ago and I got to admit it would be good to see him again. Maybe that's what I'll do tomorrow when I get off work is go find Marty.

It's been raining almost nonstop for a couple of days now and poor Maggie Mae has been cooped up inside the whole time. I sure love that dog. It's wild how you make connections with other life forms. Someone once told me that making emotional/spiritual bonds is one of the main purposes for being on this planet. It's not who has the most toys when they die is who wins...but instead it's who has connected with the most hearts and souls is the winner. I'm not sure why we are here but I do enjoy pondering that theory from time to time. I sure do love the bonds I have with my son, dad, and doggy. Wish me luck:)

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