Today is September 19, 2018
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Wish Me Luck!! by Dean Atlas
January 2018
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10hammering down
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hammering down
January 10, 2018

Uhhhg! What a lame day at work today. They just stuck this lazy ass girl on graveyard with me the past couple of nights and daaamn she sucks. I've never met someone who blames everyone else for their problems more than she does. It's awful.

Been super sick for about a week now and it's not getting any better. Sore throat and just the normal icky feeling in my head and all over my body. I'm pretty sure this is slowly going to work it's way down into my chest here soon and then hopefully out of me. Forgot how much I like NyQuil comas though. By far some of the craziest dreams I've ever experienced. I've been keeping a dream journal on a different website and wow that shit is fun. I just want to dedicate this place to the things that are actually happening in my life. I used to put down some of my more imaginative stuff on here in the past and I always feel kind of embarrassed to indulge you all in the chaos that is going on inside of me. So from now on you're just going to get my day to day stuff.

I haven't worked out or gone for a hike in almost 2 months now. It's dark when I get home in the morning and it's dark when I wake up. I'm thinking February 1st will be when I start my New Years resolution. Which is to start eating good all the time and working out everyday. I kept the one I started last year which was make my bed everyday. It's just a part of me now. I used to look at it like you don't retie your shoes when you take them off so why make your bed when you're just going to mess it up again? Well cause it feels good when you come home and your bed looks nice and organized. So yeah, I'm going to start my new resolutions next month. It will be light enough in the mornings when I get home from work and I'll be able to go for a hike up into the hills.

Since I've gotten sick it's given me an excuse to take a break from girls. Although I did convince the boss lady to bang me in the bathroom at work the other night. LoL I know right!! I'm sure it's different when it's guy to girl and the dudes your boss. But when you flip that script it's pretty amusing for me. There will be times when I'm really hammering down on her and I'll catch myself thinking, "SooOo whooo's the boss now?" I'm so awful:)
Wish me luck!!
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