Today is July 18, 2018
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Wish Me Luck!! by Dean Atlas
April 2018
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these days
April 15, 2018


Well I'm saturated
and lightly wasted.

I'm listening to the "Star Killers" station on Pandora. And it's amazing!!

That doesn't even compare to having the funk hall of fame across the street from me!!

The other day I went to downtown Seattle.
One of my friends had some cancer concerns and I decided to tag along and create some support.

What totally shocked me... I was in the Big city throughout the day,

and when I got home just a few hours later I took Maggie (my doggie) up into the hills for a walk.

Half way deep into the woods I realized how weird my life was.

I had gone from being inside the inter-workings of the hustle bustle of Seattle and with in just a few hours I was on a trail where no one was even close to where I was.

It weirded me out.

To go from being surrounded by peeps and then being in the middle of nowhere in the matter of just a couple of hours.

Tomorrow I start Trucking school.

Have you noticed yet that I keep my promises???

I still haven't smoked a cigarette??
That was in August you motherfuckers!!

And now I'm fulfilling my trucking expectations!!

LoL I'm a man of my word bitches!

Wish Me luck!!
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