Today is July 16, 2018
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Borderline Diabetic by Tigerink
October 2017

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October 12, 2017

blood test says my numbers are coming down.. slowly but at least coming down.. i am trying not to have at least one meal without carbs.. this morning i had PF changs lettuce wraps.. there is a bit of waterchestnuts but not enough to worry about..

for thanksgiving since it is just husband and i .. i am going to get crab legs and lobster tails from Sam's .. three legs and two tails will make a great dinner.. with a salad.. easy to make easy to clean up kitchen..

stay in our pj's and watch tv all day or nap or do what ever..

i am looking forward to ti

guess it is better than the mashed pototes, corn and sausage stuffing i normally make ..

one day at a time.. i didn't get this way over night.. i won't be better over night..

i do like sushi.. and i still eat it rice and all .. but ONLY one roll ..

i just need to keep telling myself I can do this


it is almost 5 and i was working all day.. cleaning and such.. all day!! i have not done that in ages.. been so tired.. but today i had almost no carbs.. i had a half of sandwhich at lunch .. and beef jerky .. and the chicken at breakfast..

hmmmmm this may work
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