Today is September 19, 2018
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Tzippity-Doo-Dah by Tzipporah
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January 11, 2018

This morning started out interesting. It was foggy and right after I left the house the rain turned to snow, the giant snowflake kind. The snow pack on the roads had melted enough to turn into a heavy slush which drags the car all over. It took me 40 minutes to get to work. I then put on my wind guard and went inside.

What met me almost made me scream. I cannot believe the load dumped on me today. Everyone else had a light day but not good old Tzip. No, the weather is sh*t why not the load too? Sigh.

Everyone else is like "I'm glad it isn't me". Yah that is really supportive. I said it is what it is. Nothing I can do about it.

Meanwhile the snow just about stopped for it's hour lull according to my weather app. Roads were slop, shoulders were super slop from the half assed job the plow was doing. But it wasn't snowing.

Until I get to the most dangerous part of course. It started coming down, fog coming up and winds howling. Do you think idiots have their headlights on? Unbelievable. I have a strobe light, headlights and I put my flashers on. The snow was swirling and sticking to all the windows, icing up my windshield wipers something fierce. I had to get out several times to knock them clean along with my tail lights and pick the huge chunk of ice off the strobe.

Every time a semi went by it was total whiteout. I ended up missing a turn because I got disorientated. I drove the couple blocks into town and stopped at the gas station to use the bathroom and just get my eyes readjusted. Whiteouts are hard on them.

So I get back out there and things were going better but for a few bursts of snow. There was a good 3" on the roads and it was drifting despite being heavy and wet. Once I got into the woods it was at least 4" deep. I could see the bottom impression of my car as I plowed the roads.

I got in at 4:45, 45 minutes past my time so I worked for free for 45 minutes. I was glad to get in though. The roads that were plowed on the way in are glare ice, my headlights bounced off it. What a mess.

Now it is to drop to -8 and be a high of 8 tomorrow with 16mph winds. But no snow. At least in the air. Tomorrow is going to be another long day. Hopefully I'll get the light load.
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