Today is September 18, 2018
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The Life Of I by lovessweetsorrow
March 2018
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Catch Up
March 12, 2018

I bumped into an old "friend" who skipped Country about 16 years ago last Wednesday. He left in such a way that was a slap to my face, heart, and lungs because I was breathless, heartbroken, and numb. He really hurt me at the time because I had let him in. Intimately. We weren't even together, college mates at best, we had some classes together; we'd spark up conversations about common interests until I got tired of talking, or he had somewhere else to be. But something was definitely there between us, it was just vague. I cracked the door open, he slid in, I felt there might have been some hope, he left the Country.

At first, he froze when we made eye contact but I smiled and hugged him excitedly. I genuinely was happy to see him after all these years even though it ended like that. I didn't bring it up, but he wanted to apologize. I let him. I should've pranked the bitch and said "Don't you want to meet your daughter?"

To try and make up for his disappearing act, he took me out to see Black Panther, then to dinner, then to his place. He asked for my number before I left, but I've since blocked his. What would be the point of keeping in contact now anyway?
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