Today is August 19, 2018
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The Life Of I by lovessweetsorrow
June 2018
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June 11, 2018

I've made many bad decisions on my own, but a lot of the consequences I have faced, and am facing, in life are due to the decisions of the people around me. I can point fingers. Mums, pops, older siblings, they've all messed up and done rash things without fore or afterthought. But pops still holds the title of Mess Up King. He meant well, but he also meant to boast and rub it in. He's brash, uncensored, and unapologetic. He's why we had to run for fear we'd meet our end by a gunman or several. But you won't hear him say sorry for putting you all through that, it's always, "if I had done this or that as well, then things would've turned out better," but whichever way he chooses is, and was always wrong. Which to me means if he could do it all again, he'd put our lives in danger again. I'm not bashing him, I'm just reflecting, and piecing together what makes him, and people like him tick. They fail miserably from all angles and can't see that the whole game plan needs to be scrapped and redrawn. Clueless or headstrong?
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