Today is February 20, 2019
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The Life Of I by lovessweetsorrow
July 2018
1The Love That Was Unrequited
4So. Much. Noise.
9Now I Waiteth
15Skeletons Of Boarding School
19The Cancer Epidemic
20And The Doctor Said...
26Why are you here?
27First time aftermath
28By the way

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July 10, 2018

You know, when I did one of my surgeries, the doctor told me that he gave me a 'cosmetic cut' or other, meaning that the scarring of the incision would be hidden by the natural curve/fold of the spot. Well, that bitch lied. The scar is very much visible to the eyes and touch. It's no big deal, really, it's a reminder of what I unnecessarily put myself through, my mistakes. It should also serve as a lesson, but, I was never good with learning. Guess I'm one of the idiots in life who touches the fire, gets hurt, and when it cools off, I touch it again.
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