Today is May 24, 2019
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The Life Of I by lovessweetsorrow
October 2018
4Choice-less and Voiceless
10The Breakdown
20Second Opinion

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The Breakdown
October 10, 2018

At my doctor's appointment earlier, I was seen by a nurse practitioner. She saw the results of my blood test, and her reaction just threw me off. She made it seem as if I had failed and failed miserably at that. I told her I was taking less medicine because the doctor said I was on too much, and she flew off about that. Granted I did not get permission and am doing that on my own. But, I just felt confused and was at a loss for words because my results at home are very much better; I couldn't even think straight, so I broke down crying, like a blasted fool. I was being accused of things as if my results were worse than the last time and I was in need of immediate hospitalization.

But, as it turned out, my levels were down by 5 points, my blood pressure was normal, and I have lost 2 more pounds.

When next I see my doctor, I'll beg him not to let a substitute see me again because this one overreacted very badly and made me almost lose hope. I'm still upset over it.
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