Today is April 21, 2019
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Rough Draft by Christine
October 2018
28Role-Playing, World-Building and My Writing Goals

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Role-Playing, World-Building and My Writing Goals
October 28, 2018

Iíve been trying to think up some goals for the remainder of the year. Only 64 days left of 2018. So, what am I going to do?


Iíve been trying to focus on my role-playing more. Iím currently in 5 groups, and they are all pretty quiet at the moment. Hereís a little tidbit on them...

A Charmed Legacy (CL) - Itís an original game inspired by the Charmed universe (mostly the original series). I joined it in September to help the owner, but it is very quiet.
Beyond Reality (BR) - A fantasy RPG thatís been around since 2005, but has been struggling to stay active since 2015. I was co-creator and have continued to push it along. It is sad to see that it is so quiet.
Lost Souls (LS) - Inspired by BR, this science fantasy group has been around since 2016. I am the owner, but Iíve had a lot of help. It is quieter than Iíd like it to be.
The Slayer Chronicles (SC) - An original game inspired by the Buffy/Angel universe. I joined it in September to help the owner, but it is very quiet.
Xarta (X) - A different fantasy RPG thatís been around since 2016 and usually does better than the others. I am marked as an owner, but I did not create this group.

All five groups are sandbox style ďgamesĒ that also have a very relaxed feel to them, which might be a problem. While we try to offer a buffet to potential members and say itís okay if they only post once in a while, we also dream of having active groups where all our potential storylines can be written. I think we are realizing that a buffet is probably not what our target members are looking for, and that we want our members to post more often. Weíd also love to have more members, but are having trouble attracting them.

A few ways weíre thinking of changing are: limit the scope (donít have everything under the sun); have some ready made plot ideas and storylines (in case members need help there); and ask that members post more often (at least once a week). We also plan to reach out to other role-players and writers to see if they might be interested in our groups. If those donít workÖ Confused


As if 5 quiet RP groups werenít enough, my muse is eager to add one more. An idea thatís been swimming around in my mind for years.

Itíis called 3 Worlds (Iíve mentioned it before in this journal). Here is what Iíd like it to be aboutÖ

There are three worlds. An Earth-like modern world that doesnít believe in the supernatural under their noses. A fantasy world thatís a bit more advanced than the Middle Ages. And a world that sort of resembles the period of Classical Antiquity and is home to the gods. Each world is connected to the other by way of the ďMoongatesĒ, so that people can travel between the worlds. Because of the differences between the worlds, there should be plenty of conflict and stories that could be written.

Since I seem to have lost what I had before, Iím going to have to redo the world-building. Iím trying to think what will need to be set in stone (I wonít budge on these things), in clay (I might budge a little), and in sand (it goes with the flow). I know the basic premise of each world and the myth behind how the 3 worlds came about will be set in stone. Right now, the details of each world as well as the races and locations on each world are sorta set in clay. Some NPC characters are set in stone, but the others might be written in sand. Anything else is currently in the sand, even though Iím not looking for a sandbox.

If Iím lucky, 3 Worlds will be ready in JanuaryÖ or spring at the latest. Crack the whip


Now for something a bit different.

I have a handful of journals on here that I hope to write in more often.

Dear Self = I hope to write in this journal every day.
Close Encounters of the Furred Kind = I hope to write in this journal at least once a week.
Entertain me = least once a week.
Rough Draft = least once a week.
Weighty Issues = I hope to write in this journal weekly, if I can.

If I can write in all my journals as often as I hope to, Iíll be thrilled. Yes


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