Today is November 27, 2020
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Rough Draft by Christine
October 2020
1Ideas Before I Even Play the Game or Read the Book...
6Plotting The One Idea (for a game)
23Game Idea Changes / Thoughts on NaNo
30RP Groups Update...

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Ideas Before I Even Play the Game or Read the Book...
October 1, 2020

I've asked the local game store owner to order the tabletop RPG core book that I talked about in my last entry. So while I wait, I've been continuing research online and watching videos about the game... and getting quite a few ideas.

The idea I had last time has evolved in the last week, but I also have 3 other ideas now.

These are the ideas I have, from most thought out to the least...

-A cyberpunk fantasy that takes place in 2063 and involves aliens/transdimensional beings. Inspired by the Matrix (1999 movie), Deus Ex (video game), Shadowrun (tabletop RPG), etc.

-A distant future sci-fi fantasy that takes place no more than 250 million years in the future. Inspired by something I saw on the Discovery Channel years ago, Planet of the Apes (a scene from the 2001 remake), Numenera (tabletop RPG), etc.

-A supernatural horror that takes place in the 1930's (or 50's). Inspired by 1930's/50's horror movies, Jumanji (the original 1995 movie), etc.

-A portal/high fantasy that takes place in modern-day and a semi-Medieval-like world. Inspired by AFK (a show on Amazon Prime), and maybe a few other sources that are escaping me at the moment.

I'm excited by all these ideas and hope that by developing each idea further, reading the core book when it comes, and maybe playing a game or two to get a feel for the game... that I'll have a better idea of which ones of mine might be "one-shot" games (one session games) and which might have a chance as a campaign (multi-session games). And if neither, then these ideas might be food for a new PBEM RPG. But hopefully, I'll be able to play them on the tabletop.

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