Today is September 19, 2018
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Morning Song by Darlinggirl
March 2004

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Play the Cotton-Eyed Joe...
March 1, 2004

Isn't it special that this month's first day is actually a Monday ?? (See, Cheri it does happen occasionally. It has always ticked her off that all months don't start with a Monday...the one day God forget to bless, according to the Bible...heehee.)

Alas, I'm not in the usual Monday morning mood...'cause for most folks Monday really sucks...nope, not me. There were five inches of snow in Cloudcroft on Saturday, we've had to have a fire in the fireplace every night this weekend, Himself sprung for a bunch of naughty videos and rented them for several days longer than I've some homework for later today and tomorrow.

Shoot, I'm in such a good mood this morning that I forgot about how sound carries out here and was accompanying Charlie Robison and Natalie Maines...totally forgetting the front windows are open...I think I may have amused the guy next door...again !!!

It's easy for a girl to really let loose on the chorus, it really is: Play the Cotton-Eyed Joe for the folks don't you know...keep your dogs in the truck 'til you leave...we've got some weiners and buns when the brisket's all gone...for our wedding in suburban Seguin. Oh, yes.

And if CharlieRobison ever happens to show up at my door, I'll make sure to have plenty of brisket on hand and oh, yes, Himself can have Natalie if he wants. Heehee.

Actually, it's a bit embarrassing, that list of people that one day I'd love to have just stop by. It's an old joke of ours...I love you but honey, if HandsomeSexyActor ever shows up at our door...well, you're going to have to leave! That list is what I mean. Heehee.

Mine: Troy Gentry
Johnny Depp
Kid Rock
Pierce Brosnan
Anthony Stewart Head
Trace Atkins
Dierks Bentley
Michael Hutchence (It's my list and the deceased can be on it if I want 'em to be!!!)
Colin Firth (Not sure when I'd come back if he turned to be out what I'd hoped. *blush*)
Liam Neeson: Ooooh, I'd just be happy to talk to him...and maybe, if he was in a good mood and the right frame of mind...just climb up into his lap, throw my arms around his neck and snuggle down on his chest. (And yes, I am perfectly aware of who he reminds me of...thank you very much and I don't care .)

Now, I pretty much know who to look out for if She happened on our doorstep: Shania Twain (if she keeps her mouth shut...well, let me amend that..if she doesn't talk or sing much...I'm quoting here!) Faith Hill and she can talk and sing all her little heart desires...he loves her voice. Let's see...oh! Catherine Zeta-Jones....I probably just would slip away quietly, if she ever stumbled upon our humble abode...He'd be a goner in about two seconds! It's Charlise Theron though, that I know I could never hope to compete with...she's tall and like all tall people, he's suceptible to fantasies about someone he can, literally, see eye-to-eye with! Heehee. And let me never forget: MichelleBranch and LeAnn Rimes...AshleyJudd. He adores those three and yes, he finds that red-headed actress Marianne what? The one in the Revlon ads, her. I've seen his eyes glaze over watching her in movies!

I guess I shouldn't be singing so loudly or so much this morning..I can still hear my grandmother's cook warning us about laughing too much in the morning...she'd always fuss at us...the way she put it was it was bad luck to laugh too much in the early morning 'cause you were liable to be crying by supper time. She meant it, too.

So, I guess I will really tempt fate...for I'm putting on an ancient JohnAnderson CD (circa early 80s) and I'm going to sing along to my heart's content...even if I go out and begin preparing my window boxes for spring flowers. This song always tickles me and I sound horrible trying to accompany JohnAnderson's voice but I love the lyrics and share a passionate love/memory of front porch swings!

There's a little girl in our neighbourhood
Her name is Charolette Johnson and she's really looking good...I had to go and see her so I called her on the phone...I walked over to her house and this was going on: Her brother was on the sofa eatin' chocolate pie
Her mama was in the kitchen cuttin' chicken up to fry.
Her Daddy was in the backyard rollin' up a garden hose...I was on the porch with Charolette feeling love down to my toes....and we was swingin' yes we was swingin'...little Charolette she's as pretty as the angels when they sing...I can't believe I'm out here on her front porch in swing, just a' swingin'...

The chicken is already cut up for frying...soaking in salted water, just the way I learned at my Grandmother's elbow and I'm making a very special cake for tonight:Caramel Layer Cake w/Caramel Icing. This is a pretty old family recipe and very much loved.

It takes some time 'cause the blending of the flour and milk is terribly important for the texture of the cake layers but very worth the effort. Once assembled with the icing it's so pretty. Excellent with after dinner coffee and a few berries.

And it's really, really true: Mean People SUCK.

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