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Morning Song by Darlinggirl
March 2004

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Merrily on our way to nowhere in particular...
March 25, 2004

Standing under the street sign, pointing up towards it with a silly expression on my face...just about bowled over by the sheer thrill of having walked along that street of dreams, Everyly Brothers Way AND dining at the establishment on its corner...I got hit with such an attack of giggles, it was very catching apparently, 'cause there we were, two travel-weary strangers disturbing the locals. All our doubts and worries of being on the right Parkway vanished in the cool sweet air of a Central City evening.

It was all perfectly all right, though, 'cause all I had to do is open my mouth, and the natives relaxed and smiled back at me. The long, distrustful glances at the tall slender gentleman to my right took a bit longer to dispell but I won them over. No small feat, but it was Western Kentucky and they have reasons to be careful with strangers. Back on the patio of the local McDonalds, I assured my husband that just as soon we left the Pennyrile Parkway and got onto the Bluegrass Parkway, my accent would soften and change a bit again AND the words I use. I reckon I hadn't use the word "reckon" (except over the phone, of course) fifteen times on this trip so far but hey, Arkansas and Tennessee are a teeny bit different but you know what? I'd bet any amount of money BillClinton occasionally still slips and begins a sentence with, "I reckon...whatever." Heehee. We passed through President Clinton's hometown and I'll tell you what...there are some awfully cute guys there. No wonder he's a bit of, uhmm, well, what? I can't call him any sort of lady-killer 'cause it appears to me that uhmmm, Monica, just about killed him . So to speak. Apparently, Monica doesn't believe in honour amongst groupies, does she??

Anyway, this thought I had seems to be gone with the wind but I do wonder about easy it is to be merry on trips. Is it simply 'cause we love to travel soooo much or is it that giddy, wonderful sense of playing hooky even if we are always on our way to somewhere in our trips. Many times, places we do not wish to go even.

Of course, any company ones selects to enter one's truck/car is pretty much totally in our control. Climate controlled, too. Creature comforts carefully chosen to suit each of us, almost perfectly. When things get tough, we just drive away or take a different route...climb up into the seat, slam the door, take off! Wow. If only that was possible in everyday life and settings. Imagine: Anytime someone or something can just peal off in a puff of smoke and roar of tires.

Granddaddy once told me this accent used to be called a "Southern Highlands" accent and extends in some form or other from the UpperSouth through the Carolinas to east Texas. Fine by me. I do kind of wish all the suggestions that I'd make a killing in the PhoneSex industry would stop...for I get that all the time, even from people I'd rather not be thinking of me that way.

Quite a dilemna...can I go back and not live in the Bluegrass, at least at first? Sure. Not a problem. I think I can live from Texarkana to Winston-Salem to Virginia Beach. And back again. There looks to be many many trips we can take no matter where we wash up at, a veritable treasure chest of new old-shoe mountains and Atlantic beaches and caves and Wilderness areas. As for me, the prospect of new gorgeous country and trips to undertake is just totally exciting and thrilling. Places to wear sundresses AND sweater-sets. Sandals with high heels AND snow boots! Woohoo! I am looking forward to purchasing umbrellas!!! Rain-coats...I haven't had a LondonFog since my early teens.

Now that sounds truly mature, moving places based on wardrobe considerations. Can't help it.

Recently I have begun to ponder on the implications of the accident and hardships of the past decade...oh, sure, I worry and wish we'd had more money but mostly I am just so happy at the idea of living somewhere besides the Southwest, I need to watch myself. It's not as if I'm going by myself, there's our family to consider.

I often wonder if the whole money-making thing is just about impossible to truly settle. So much of it is out of our control, by "our" I mean ordinary people. Salaries just aren't anything one can count on to rise, same thing goes for jobs and positions. What's even more confusing it to observe those that seem, on the surface to have more than plenty...oh say, those that take home over $150,000 to $300,000 to the little millionaires. (A oil man once told me real money begins in the 100s of millions. *cough* *gasp* Oookay.) Lord, I have friends who get about $15,000 a month from trusts AND have pretty darn impressive jobs and they are a bit, well, moody. I have acquaintances that receive three and four thousand dollars a month child support and boy do they complain, a LOT. I tried to remind one lady that whole families live on less than that and she acted as if I was making it up!!

It's strange, my family has slipped way way down the ladder of so-called American success and I've learned a LOT along the way. But I'm still puzzled.

On some level I know my husband grew up with certain expectations that I didn't have at all, perhaps because of all the health problems I had growing up especially. I don't know...all I can see clearly is that the best-laid plans of the best of us can really go awry. I don't take it near as personally as many do. Perhaps I'm totally wrong, I may be.

It just seems clear to me that there are many things hindering many of matter how hard we work, plan, save, plan.

Must be the hillbilly/redneck/slacker in me!!!

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