Today is September 25, 2018
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Morning Song by Darlinggirl
August 2004

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Red Bliss and Silk Velvet...
August 9, 2004

Oh, my momma is going to have a fit...really she will! I mean, if she ever actually sees the windows in our room. I still cannot believe I did anyone knows full well, a well-brought up, tasteful person would never ever ever *dress* their boudoir windows with anything but tailored, crisp, knife-pleated draperies, custom-made, of course!!! I don't know WHAT got into me...really I don't. I just had been battling with my better and lesser selves, a fierce struggle between what I really like and adored and lusted after, what I can easily afford...and my evil, silly, spoiled, reckless, romantic side would raise her voice and whoa. (Could there be a teeeny bit of latent SpoiledBrat lurking in the genepool?)

Soooo, it's her personality, her tastes, that over-powered years of the GoodGirl's tastes and voices...and basically, kicked her backside!! (Even as she still wears that pale pink baby-tee that sports angel's wings and proclaims: ANGEL...Born to be Good.)

My grandmomma would have called these curtains, Silk Velvet...I believe they are called either Sanded Silk or something like that now. (My little ol' hands were shaking so much as I went to pay for them...I mean, the shade of these curtains is just gorgeous...a sort of soft merlot.'s still RED. A sort of red, but it's still RED.) BelleWatling would love these, except they're very simple, tie-at-the-top, gently curving, tie-backs. (Here I'm speaking of the real, live Belle...a native and life-long Lexingtonian whose house stood 'til the seventies.) Oh, that's something else, the hold-backs are way, way cool. A sort of burnished pewter and the finials on the curtain rods are, too.

Now, I spent an inordinate amount of time sneaking back to my room to just look at it!!! I'm so very pleased, I just giggle with joy. Seriously. I can blame it on the "Boutique" suite of rooms we had two summers ago at the Dominion Hotel, in Victoria. In therapy-jargon, I suppose the sitting room and bedroom gave me permission to admit my love for lush, rich-but-subdued boudoirs. Rooms that look as if, sometimes, terribly and wildly Romantic things may transpire there. (If the walls could talk!)

Truthfully, I know just a teeny bit of this rebellious is coming from my reaction to *cough*...ugh Kentuckiana. I lOATHE that word, with all my heart and find it terribly, I don't know...I was talking with one of my cousins about a sibling of Himself's who has lived in Indy for only about twenty years and still, has NEVER crossed the river. She acts as if she and her family would be entering the HeartOfDarkness...and my cousin eyes lit up and said, "Naw, that's not why she hasn't...we won't let 'em!!"

It's nice to know some traditions never really change. All Lexingtonians...the real Bluegrass...keep their distance from's where the Midwest...OH, Ick...begins. Heehee. I mean, the other Border states don't do that and besides, the bulk of population is on this side of the River.

Perhaps it's only the strong German influence that could explain why we "Real" Kentuckians (the ones of us who were here and had been hear only about two hundred years when the huge influx of immigrants came in the 1900s) don't mesh well with their sensibilities and tastes. Or is it our Celt blood and hot-blooded temper? Heehee. Awfully high-flown words but I swear, there is way too many neat, fussy, stubby (no matter how much they work out) men with clean-hands, thin lips and irritating voices around here. Heehee. I mean, Himself's new supervisor has hinted quite a bit about Professional dress and hair-length and beards...ugh. So, of course, I'm ticked. Who wants all men to look like, well...that's enough of that. Really.

Anyway, lord knows, I need a bit of cool, calm, controlled influence in my life...I've thanked the lord for Himself's cool, calm, detached way of viewing and living life many a time. But, still, he hasn't turned into some fussy, self-righteous type of man. What it is, I wonder, that soooo many Republicans look/resemble each other, including to expressions on their faces? No way of telling.

I'm going to get myself into trouble if I don't keep my thoughts on burning all the Bush/Cheney signs in the front and side yards...I keep imagining what that would look like...a sort of 21st century cross-burning. Woo-hoo. I can see it sooooo clearly in my mind's eye...each one blazing merrily, flames shooting towards the velvet sky...but I wouldn't...'cause I know they have the right, but STILL.

Now, how did I get off on that...all I wanted to think about today was our pretty room...and some thoughts I've had recently on the passage of time and going home again. (Guess what?? You can too go home again. Hahaha. So there.)

OH! I've seen plenty of the type of Good-ol'-Boys out here in this county that I remember with such love and still my heart. From all ages...17 to 77. It's funny all the things I missed, not really understanding the depth of loss behind the missing. Part and parcel of my growing-up and I'm just soooo happy to be near them again.

DARN...I'm so distracted and my thoughts are chasing each I'll just send off that order for the little rug for the foot of my bed...*blush*...nevermind what's for.

Maybe things (and me) will settle down a bit in a few more weeks. I saw a flock of Canadian geese this morning, flying soooo low over my back yard, I could see their dark eyes and see each one in formation...took my breath away. I think it's in that corn field and creek over yonder where they're staying. When I was a little girl, I remember praying that I could learn how to fly like the Canadian geese...seem a much more worthwhile talent that math!

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