Today is September 18, 2018
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Morning Song by Darlinggirl
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Marching to Frankfort! Again!
March 11, 2018

Okay: Car-pooling to Frankfort. Only we are not actually there. Our son is on his way, we're waiting to get my spouse into the hospital and trying to avoid the ER. I was shocked when he came back from the last trip to his doctors. We were so certain they were going to admit him due to the rapidly increasing Heart Failure symptoms; he gained seven pounds in one day, hands, feet, face and stomach swollen, heart rate all over the place, a ragged whooping cough...but no.

When the health care worker saw him Thursday, she tried to get him to the ER even though I was in town having another loading dose of Remicade. She contacted our children, his whole team if of doctors. The primary care and Pulmonlogist wanted him admitted that day, but the cardiologist wants him the best cardiac care which is crowded and full up. So, he came back home to a rather weak and woozy spouse.

We missed the trip to Frankfort, the big party after and tomorrow will be missed. Again, so much work and so many hours.

Truly, if one wants a peek
at just how the NRA operates, take a look at one of the Kentucky candidates, on Facebook or YouTube and Twitter. And yes, Mr. Kaufmann owns a gun. Just like many of our fellow liberals, friends and family. I grew up with guns, with true sportsmen and hunters over each generation. No hand guns, no assailants rifles, but excellent, crack shots. Both my grandmothers were champions. is the campaign site. The NRA sends candidates as soon as they file this questionnaire. This candidate made a video of his response and the questions and even for a brief synopsis, it gives one a tiny hint of the NRA and its power, scope and influence.

The educators in Kentucky are facing a huge fight with the pension and Kentucky is one of the many states that does not pay into Social Security. No Social Security for educators at all, no matter how many years one paid into before becoming a teacher.

Now, about Ernie Harris. Way back in 1994, lots of relatives called sharing what sort of political power this man is, and how closely tied to Mitch McConnell. Back in Texas, I finally gave up trying to explain the power Mitch McConnell has. Scary amounts of power and the money behind him.

Ernie Harris in one campaign where he ran unopposed, received over one hundred thousand dollars from a branch of the Koch Brothers and their foundations.

It is very necessary for all Americams to educate themselves about Christian and businesses foundations and their roles in running this country.

The Heritage Foundation is a good place to start.
Most Americans have no ides how much tax-free money churches channel into extremely un-Christian candidates, campaigns, businessmen, businesses, countries. Pat Robertson. Southeast Christian in Louisville. The Southern Baptist Convention. Construction companies.

Sooooo, they should be paying taxes! Foundations are set up to protect assets from taxation and there are foundations and fortunes working for good.

However, many do not. Mitch McConnell's second wife's family pours money into an astounding variety of right-wing people and places. Believe me, they could not care any less about average ordinary citizens of this country.

Of course, the willful ignorance and apathy of many American is unsettling from the privileged to special interests people that base everything on one or two very personal issues.

What is really unnerving is the amount of once poor people that snuggle up to the GOP and churches tell them exactly how to vote to the very poorest of poor whites.

They know how to divide and conquer. They are experts in tearing down the Family.

Want to truly destroy families? Under pay them and make them believe it is their own fault and what they deserve. Polarize them over those beaten-to-death old horses:

Contraception. Abortion. Sex outside of marriage.
Teach to fear some race, people, religion as being the real problem.
Drug them with television, mind-numbing sports, video games and being the best consumers ever.
Keep them barely literate, exhausted and angry all the time.
Tear friendships and families apart by drawing lines over just a few issues so they will not pull together or help each other or even speak to.
Make Money the true God and Goal. Then, more money.
Teach people to accept dirt, disease, ugliness, polluted air, water, food and living in soul crushing environments.

Shoot, I have lost friends because I don't hate men or lump all men together and am happily married.

I have family that drew away because of disagreements about not being the "right" sort of Democrat. If I aligned myself with the Republicans in my family, all of whom did not become GOP until the early '90s, we would be sitting pretty, well-paid, comfortable and secure.

If our two sons had taken any of the positions offered them by various corporations or powerful GOP people, would we be in this position of living far apart and us going bankrupt due to astronomical Heath care costs and the cost of living rising way above salaries?

It is a hard awakening to come and accept that there are many many people that can live just fine in third world conditions as long as they are well off and safe and insulated. America become just the same as Mexico or China? As long as they have theirs, we can all learn to live with black water ditches and rotting infrastructure and sub-par medical care.

Many many people worship power and money and if a destroyed polluted planet, blood in the streets, starving diseased naked children roam in packs, who gives a flying you-know-what!

Here, right here. In America, people admire a company that does nothing but figure out ways to keep insurance companies from paying bills. (Rawlings Corporation.) People admire Energy Company e executives and Insurance and Banking and huge law enforcement budgets with para military overtones. The Mormon "Church".

And anything other than thinking or educating one's self and working hard and I mean hard in spite of your day job or relationship or addiction to television and shopping and religion drives so many people's lives. My grandfather used to remind me that it is ultimately up to one's own self to find yourself, educate yourself, free one's self.

Keep the people distracted and driven, keep them from thinking and feeling.Except for anger. Anger's good, easy to channel.

And yet another excellent example of two people bring driven to distraction from the realities of their own situations: I had to run off to assist my husband, his breathing now sounds like a person with whooping cough and his blood pressure is so low, he cannot stand without assistance. I am forgoing the anti-nausea medication and pain killers for my moderate side effects from the infusions, it is too dangerous for me to be even slightly sleepy with a six foot four and half, two hundred pound spouse with serious heart failure and breathing issues.

It is just the two of us all day and night, last night was a merry-go-round of unpleasantness and we are both a little tired. Our son called and the first flight he can get is tomorrow and I look around the house and know I will be up late getting guest rooms ready and refrigerator cleaned. Some friends are stopping by later and I don't know how to get the house in shape for company between not wanting to disturb my husband and my own wooziness and side effects. Another appointment for me cancelled because there are so many hours in the day and so many miles that can be covered between two counties.

The Children told me last night that my husband's doctors' attitudes towards all the "free" care and help at home Himself gets from me is "infuriating". Think of allllll the money the insurance company is saving and oh, insurance companies pay handsome bonuses to doctors that keep people out of the hospital and on the lowest step of the Step Medications plan. Treatments too.

Sending him home without making sure he could be safely and comfortably cared for, is supposed to be the law.

Back on point, IF they arm teachers, the first persons shot, the first placed in the sights of any school shooter will be...the teachers! And. how are you supposed to teach and educate and gain rapport with students trying to decide how to possibly shoot one, one day? Already I know teachers that have been stabbed, shoved down stairs, bitten and spit upon whilst trying to break up fights. Seriously injured, one to the point of disability. So guns on teachers, how long before a student grabs that gun?

Something else so many people refuse to consider, the practice of "backing" candidates and campaigns by members of the Other Sides. For an ability to stir up the people, to receive more funds, to fill people's bank accounts with illegal immoral gains. Happens all the time. Rather like the Odin and Loki characters in American Gods. The novel.

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