Today is May 24, 2019
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Morning Song by Darlinggirl
October 2018

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A very Northern, rather extraordinary mystical spirit...
October 9, 2018

...and the desire to present itself to the world as a Scottish banker!

So, the toast was a bit borrowed from someone named Robertson Davies and I have been pondering our first Canadian Thanksgiving in Canada. We always celebrated the Canadian Thanksgiving in our home from the first October we were together and then as the boys grew up.

Later, I looked up the full quote and perhaps it is just this part of the country or the residents of this island, but I see no signs of any of them being torn between the mystical spirit and presenting itself as a Scottish banker. Or poet, scholar, gentleman farmer, professional. Not at all. Even if Himself’s family is of Irish descent.

When we came into the house, and there was Himself standing next to his brother and how nicely and similararly they were dressed...not super formal. It was a family celebration with guests and two dogs and a year old toddler. Both men looked as if they were at-home professional men and what is it about pressed and tailored wool slacks, button-downs, cashmere sweaters and beards? And silver-blonde hair and twinkling blue eyes? Perfect autumn weather, red damask tablecloth, silver candlesticks (brought over by Himself’s sister-in-law’s Grandmother from Scotland) and the table sparkling with good China and cut crystal...we all settled down in the living room for drinks and nibbles: Smoked oysters both from the waters here and smoked by one of their oldest friends, crudités, and what his niece called nibbles.

Leather sofas, armchairs, family heirloom long sofa, a lovely green baize and polished wood...candles the only light and the fireplace roaring.

It was a beautiful dinner, my brother-in-law brought out his special reserve Scotch and my husband gave me his glass to try that magic, amber whiskey. From a Waterford crystal tumbler to boot. My eyes were already dazzled from the candles and scents and the heart-breaking view of the sea and island and mountains and mist.

We had spent long hours trying to support and console our children back in DC. Our sons were devastated, our daughters-in-law, in tears. Hours on FaceTime, texts, tears, one of our children is heading off to Canada soon on business and real estate was looked at from Alberta to Quebec. We tried, from our experiences of having to live with dangerous fascist leaning and highly immoral government. Myself, I was flattened.Just talking with our two granddaughters brought up fierce feelings.

How many days can one live to fight another day?

And...October the seventh is John Mellencamp’s Birthday, so of course I listened to my playlist all weekend. Several family members have worked with him on campaigns and had great stories to share, never mind so much of his music speaks straight to my heart. Even if he is an Indianana boy.

My chore right now is to find rugs for the whole house to lay upon these pretty wood floors and to protect them from the sand, which is black, from the beach and the dogs’ nails and messes.

I found out the beautiful body of water that washes the shore is actually, a channel. Not a bay. Not a strait. Lots of sea body of water names and differences to learn.

We now have an Apple Map for the small orchard of ten apple trees that are bountifully producing glorious apples. Including Greenlings!

The front porch looks out into and over the channel and one side of the heavily forested near by island. Not a house or light or clear space on it. The many ways the waves make music keep luring us outside at all hours of day and night and now we must learn tide times when walking on the beach and rocks and paths.

My husband found a waterfall the other day! In the forest behind the house, part of the property, we found an old old split rail fence and a perfect circle of towering trees and ferns that opens into a deep grass filled glade. With many types of mushrooms and berries and roses. Two quince trees, heavy with ripening fruit.

A few minutes ago, Himself’s brother pulled up in his big truck and off they went to the tiny village for coffee, conversation and lunch at the cafe.

I watched him walk out to the is going to take forever to get used to seeing two men so similar yet different. Since his brother was married briefly at eighteen, some people have thought my husband is a child from that brief marriage! In spite of the very obvious difference in health, my husband does seem quite a bit younger. But they are so much alike in features and height. Voices too for every day more and more of the accent and way of speaking Himself had years ago, is coming back.

And already, he looks vastly improved. Could be the huge release of stress and worry? The lovely autumn weather? The long nights, not just for sleeping...the company of his beloved big brother and his equally loved wife? The clean, clean air? The walks in the forest and on the beach?

British Columbia is a beautiful magical province and the coast seems as if it is from a fairy tale and gods and angels walk in the forests and mountains.

Seriously, I should be deciding on seven rugs and one very long hall runner. A fire screen, set of tools, fireplace rug, and find rocking chairs ro be shipped from back home for inside and on the porch.

We were up almost to dawn, the deep quiet and privacy and huge beds and oh! They gave us a long leather sofa that is gorgeous and high quality of leather, well cared for and it’s scent makes my heart race. From my great-grandfather’s study and sitting room to the leather sofas and chair in the Louisville Brown Hotel’s better rooms and suites, the scent of good leather furniture has meant good memories.
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