Today is April 23, 2019
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Morning Song by Darlinggirl
November 2018

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New Moon on Wednesday...
November 7, 2018

Not exactly the old DuranDuran song but close enough. And as our niece pointed out, this New Moon is in Scorpio and only I and our granddaughters are Scorpios.

There is so much I wish to ponder upon about the past ten days and those days and nights were so filled with so much.

The Fairmont Hotel at the Vancouver Airport? Up until that, TheBrown Hotel is the nicest place we've ever stayed. That was one of the suites with the whole floor private and that as a gift from our children for our wedding anniversary. We were not expecting this, we were on a ferry out of Nanaiamo when we were contacted to check in there after arriving at the Vancouver airport! Stunned, we learned it was a late birthday present from TheChildren and to make sure we began the Vancouver-Bluegrass well rested and pampered so their father would be ready to take on that long long trip. The two ferries were fun, for BrotherInLaw and his wife drove us from both ferries and the trip to Nanaiamo is heart- breakingly beautiful. We even saw six orcas just off shore in the lovely seaside town of Qualicum Beach! Some people walking further up the beach started pointing and yelling down the beach and we got to see the six of them cruising by!

The whole six and a half weeks were absolutely perfect Autumn weather, the locals said it was just a bit drier than usual but perfect perfect fall weather and colour. Fires every night, cool crisp mornings, mists and clouds and snow-capped mountains, dramatic romantic storms with the foghorns on the ferries adding just a perfect touch.

The night before we left we had dinner at BigBrother and his wife's beautiful house. It is placed just so facing the water, about thirteen acres backing onto a big Provincial Park. There was a huge roaring fire, amazing local wine and Apple-Pear Champagne friends of their grow and bottle right there on the island. The only other light besides the fire were big fat candles scattered about the dining room and big living room.

They designed and built their house and it took over three years to finish. They built a small two storey house but for a long time, they camped there on holidays from the Northwest Terrorities where they were living. It is an amazing house and their gardens are stunning. BigBrother gave us a fig tree taken from the huge one by their vegetable garden and one hundred narcissus bulbs in shades of paper-white, cream, lemon yellow, butter yellow and bright yellow! From their gardens, they chose the colours to go in our huge and long front yard.

Our house sits up on a hill that keeps going up from behind the house and small orchard into deep fern filled forests. From the road, our house is very visible, with a view that even some of the palatial houses don't have. So, as BrotherInLaw said, they remembered our daffodils and tulips here so here you go!

It wasn't just the meal or wine or firelight that made me so touched.Again. We ate and talked and talked and talked until we moved into the more formal room for tea and cognac.

Rain lashed against the windows and skylights and their big Newfounland dozed on the old Persian rug in front of the wood stove.

It was hard to think of leaving and although it was medically necessary and everything, it startled me how very much I just wanted to stay. Wait until the Canadian Health Care begins, but part of the doctors' agreement for this trip, he has to come back and possibly go back into the hospital. We will know on Friday.

It was incredible our time there, our insurance covered us there too and the local medical team interviewed him and his records. So, if anything serious had happened, when the ambulance arrived, all his history and medications were known to the team. In a critical situation, he would be flown to Vancouver. Nothing at all like our local paramedics and the hospital they are affiliated with. They saved my husband's life more than once but the bills nearly broke us. And would still but we are going to very early retire. My spouse was recenctly declared one hundred percent disabled and unable to work. Not by Social Security or anything like that. By his team of doctors that have been treating him for almost ten years, from the first "event" in December 2008 to now.

What this did to relieve my unstoppable tension and terror was remarkable. I am too tired to think much less try to sort all this out. No way to qualify for Medicaid, way too young for Medicare, unable to work, heart at about thirty percent capacity, insurance costing 22,000 a year...the whole time we were in Canada I completely relaxed knowing if he had to enter into a hospital, he would get the care he needed.

And that ended up being just a tiny part of the semi-miracles of being there. The doctors that live on our road, his brother and sister-in-law looking after him in ways that made him just feel cared for, in such a beautiful, breath-taking lovingly they handled our two sons;BrotherInLaw taking them out to dinner the night before they were to fly to Comox, the way they were after they came back! I don't know what their uncle said to them, but the same tension and fear I see in my eyes was gone by then.

My husband was barely twelve years old when he met the girl that eventually married his oldest brother. They were together a long time before they legally married, but he spent vacations and summers with them every year until he graduated from high school. He is very fond of her and views her as real sister.

So, my beloved Papa had a massive heart attack at fifty-seven a few months before I was born. He lived to be eighty-seven but did not work for years. His two sons and son-in-laws, brother-in-laws and brothers helped by pretty much running his farm and cattle business. He took care of me from the day I was born and I still view Papa as my "real" father.

Papa had the position and support to begin to recover, slowly but steadily. Of course, it all was much less expensive then. And he had his farms and business.

And here I am. Sitting in my rocking chair in our big beautiful bedroom, listening to his breathing, ragged and deep. Coming back just about flat-lined him. Even with a break at the Fairmont and a lovely dinner in Vancouver.

As for Vancouver, this my fourth visit in twenty five years, Victoria, many visits over the past decade, the beauty of these two cities is still stunning and unbelievable. The mountains, the bays, the water, the glaciers, the forests, the people...the islands.

When we were at the Vancouver ferry, I looked back from where we came and just cried.

All those years, from when he proposed and we began plans to get married in Victoria, our parents pressuring us to stay in the States...Mum's attempts, very successful I might add, to keep him where she wanted as she and EvilBarristerBrother drained his trust fund...the holidays with BigBrother, the visits, the time he took me out to lunch to discuss our moving back to Alberta.

Well, I really should try to pretend to sleep. We both slept so well there. Not just because of the quiet and no one on one side of us, a small beautiful farm on the other, the hypnotic song of the sea, it was like watching a light go off inside my husband.

One of the visits before my husband had his first "event", we drove BigBrother and his wife to the Austin airport and we waited with them until they boarded. Sister-in-law hugged me good-bye and said it was just so sad we had to live so far away, for it is so rare to find people that mesh so well and she and I cried and hugged some more, both of us a bit surprised at 'the depth of feeling" washing over us

Our husbands, so obviously brothers, stood behind us and patted our shoulders then shrugged and ended up hugging us so hard, we almost could not breathe.

And just very recently, standing by the ferry waiting room, after joking and teasing, suddenly all four of us hit hard by emotions, lots of hugging and tears, more hugging, more tears, the two men pulling out their handkerchiefs to offer, and there it was again...the proffered handkerchiefs, the blue eyes so concerned and intense; we just looked at each other, helplessly...

And so it begins.

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