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Morning Song by Darlinggirl
August 2001

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Good cowgirls keep their calves together...
August 5, 2001

Heehee...and I ain't even a cowgirl, but I would keep my calves together if I had any. When we were traveling, I started noticing that the cows huddled under scrawny mesquite trees in flat, hard-baked fields, looked rather low and depressed, with a sort of vacant, glazed look in their eyes. As we progressed onto greener pastures, my, how the cattle seemed to perk up. Some even cavorted about lush, rich fields of fescue and had bright, contented eyes. When we stopped by fenced pastures to rest a bit, I couldn't help but notice the glossiness of the cow's coats and how cute the wee Brangus and Hereford calves were.

What sort of point am I struggling to put down here!? Oh, I guess just a basic sort of "Our surroundings affect us all in many sorts of ways" kind of point. Yep, I do believe my eyes aren't as bright as they should be and my coat is not as shiny as I would like for it to be and my general mood is dazed and dull and down.

Oh, well. Onward and upward...Mayonnaise or Miracle Whip?? Or salad dressing, I suppose is what I should really call it. There seem to be two sorts of folks in this ol' world...those who adore SaladDressing and slather it on all sorts of things and make their macaroni salad with cups of this off-white glop and then there are the oh-so, refined, genteel, and cultured of us who insist, nay, DEMAND only true mayonnaise and will not allow a jar of salad dressing to even cross our threshold, much less grace our sandwiches or pasta salads. (Guess which camp I am in??)

You know how certain women swear before the wedding about all the things they will change about their spouse? Well, I only had one, teeny, tiny little oath on that score. As God as my witness, Himself was to never, ever again slide a knife into a jar of Miracle Whip or even place on in a grocery cart. It was fast, it was painless, it was incredible...the poor man had never tasted real, true mayonnaise, either in-a-jar or wonderously homemade. (I make a cool homemade, several types, it is a secret ingredient in many a pasta dish). Oh, to be truthful, there was one more thing I vowed to change...I switched him from Pepsi to Coke...although I surely don't holler any more when he slips and brings the Other soda into the house!

When we once again, supping upon really good cream (or white, dependin' on where you are from)gravy with our fried potatoes, Himself got to remembering how in the Great White North (NOT the Nawth, where Yankees exsist)love to have their frenchfries served, with, are y'all ready for this?? MAYONNAISE!! Our waitress just about dropped her tray upon overhearing this and proceeded to engage my LordandMaster into quite a bit of heated conversation and I still don't think she ever really believed him...thought he was pulling her leg and maybe teasing her a bit, but telling the truth? Nope, I don't think so.

But, he was telling the truth. It is not an uncommon way to serve frenchfries up there and when we were first married, Himself gave me quite a time about it. Alas, I am afraid I could never stoop to such culinary crimes, even in the name or sake of adventure. Dipping my fries into a little paper cup of Mayonnaise or, aah, squeezing it all over the things...shudder, shudder, shudder.

Good thing, he has always disliked that practice, although, he still teases me about my Mayonnaise thing and my SaladDressing-phobia. Too bad, though, I have never been able to really concede or decide which is better...the fact that the Canadians use Mayonnaise on their fries or Miracle Whip. Uugh. I don't want even to think about it and so now I will go back to my Sunday dinner chores with a lighter heart and whilst I am mixing up my quite famous BaconVeggie Pasta salad (wonderful with grilled chicken, beef brisket and ribs), chuckling all the while over my triumph...who says one can never change a thing 'bout the man you marry??

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