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My Journal-2017 by imboredinclass
October 2017

November 2017
October 2017

October 10, 2017

So I am reading a book that a psychic wrote. In it it says that a way you can get your guides can answer any questions you may have, is to ask the question and then listen to the radio and a song can answer your question. So, I tried it. I asked my guides if Cam and I should officially get back together. The song that came on was "Put a Label On It" the song was about a couple who weren't officially a couple and putting a label on it. Making it official. It answered my question, I am officially back together with Cam. Guides are souls or spirits that help guide us through life. They are souls that we were close with in past lives. I went and saw the psychic that wrote the book last night and she told me about my guides. She said that they were Native American, she said that native American guides tend to be very aggressive in the way they help. She said that sometimes the things I feel, may not be my feelings but their feelings. She said that Native American guides are very important. We also talked about my grandmother that died when my dad was in his 20's. Bonni, the psychic, was confused, she was convinced that I had met my grandmother. That my grandmother was very protective of me. Bonni said that she keeps getting a "mother" vibe from my grandmother's spirit. I told her that my grandmother had 6 children. She said that my dad was her favorite, which is true, all of my aunts and uncles say that. Bonni said that my grandmother loves me a lot. Then Bonni started talking about the smell of smoke, she asked me if my grandmother smoked. I told her that she died of lung cancer because she smoked. Bonni asked me if I ever smell smoke at weird times. I haven't noticed it but I'm going to start paying closer attention. Bonni told me that if I ever smell something out of the normal, that it could be my grandmother. Bonni said that my grandmother is very good at transmitting smells.
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