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September 2018
11The Night Class
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The Night Class
September 11, 2018

She is taking a night class that ends at 9pm, albeit its only one night per week. She will get the 9:30 bus and will get home at 9:50. The streets are very dark here since there's very little street light and it's just not safe to be out after dark so, I will travel with her and stay in the library for the 3 hours so she will not have to commute on her own. Blah. Good thing I love to read.

This year I have been reading some of John Grisham's legal thriller. Thus far I have read 'The Appeal', 'The Rainmaker', and 'The Partner'. I have just started 'The Sycamore Row' and I am also reading '1984' by George Orwell. So, I definitely will not be bored at the library.
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