Today is September 18, 2018
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Personal Accountability
March 13, 2018

Yes, the pains of personal accountability. It's when you have to be responsible for your action or inactions toward a situation. I know, I know, you are probably thinking "Who is he to lecture all of us on being accountable?" I can't even do his job right half of the time.

I am on desk duty today. Which means I am responsible for seven other people on the floor. You have to have excellent multi taking, trouble shooting, and communication skills. All of which, I lack at the current moment. Although, I wish there was a magic fairy that you could wish on to give you these skills, you actually have to practice these things.

The sad part of it all is, that I have been working this desk for over 6 months and I know I could have it all together by now. I could try slowing down a bit and making sure that the information is accurate. I could try being a little more attentive to things. I know it would be easier to quit and move on but I am determined to make this work. I need to get more organized as well. And Actually, do my work correct. The first step would be evaluating myself before actually making any assumptions.

For instance, today, I was going to lie down again at 2:10 am, whe I know for a fact that I will be late. And that is the last thing that Matthew and I need right now..... I will have to admit, I got a little attitude with him when he said so even though I know he was right. So, If I am holding myself accountable for all of the things that I do. And I am in complete control of my actions, I will make it a priority to wake up at 1 am. I know, I have been saying this for the last two years.

Part of personal accountability is also integrity. We have to do the things that we say we will. Regardless of how "hard" or daunting the task is.

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