Today is July 18, 2018
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Finally Livi'ng by Livi
April 2018

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Things I should write about.
April 15, 2018

So writing regularly is just something I can never do. I start thinking about all of things I need to write about, and it becomes too overwhelming, and I just decide not to write at all. This mirrors much of my life at this point. I get too overwhelmed and give up.
I try to go easy on myself because I know this is perfectly normal for all of the trauma Ive been through, but that perfectionist side still beats myself up for not being on top of everything. That fun duel nature of mine!
I figured instead of trying to tackle all of the subjects I need to tackle, I'll just start at the very beginning and organize the subjects I need to write about. Then at least I have some form and function to my thoughts, and Ive created a starting point to work with.
Theyre pretty broad, but under each banner are so many things. And when I think about them as a whole, its too much. So at least I can wheedle down my thoughts into smaller broad chunks.

Things that Im grateful for.

Things that Im pissed about.

Things that Im sad about.

Things that Ive been through.

Things that I still want to do with life.

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