Today is August 18, 2018
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Letters to Emily by LadyoftheSC
April 2018

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My Transfer and more
April 4, 2018

Dear Emily,

I told my coworkers at the Walmart that I currently work at that I am leaving. Many of my close coworkers did not want me to leave but I told them that I had to transfer for various reasons. Some coworkers told me that it's good that I am leaving because my Walmart does not treat people fairly.

I have seen in my year and a half at Walmart that some people are not treated as fairly as I think they should be treated. I have seen people have their hours cut so bad that they must quit and find jobs else where and quite a few other things. That I could write another letter about that.

I worked from 1030am until 7pm today. I was tired until lunch time and felt better after I ate. A customer who came through my line several weeks ago had a purse and I told her that it was a great purse. She told me that she made it herself. I told the woman, her name is Janice, that I would pay her to make a purse for me. Janice said she would charge me 30 dollars and pick out my material..After I got off at 7pm, Janice came to the Walmart where I work and she and I picked out the material needed for my purse.

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