Today is August 18, 2018
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Letters to Emily by LadyoftheSC
April 2018

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What the Fuck I am Drunk
April 7, 2018

Dear Emily,

It's 11pm on Friday April 7th 2018. John is in bed watching the movie Star Trek: Beyond and I am sitting at the computer having my 3rd glass of wine and writing you.

Yes, I have buzzed but that's okay I am home and do not have to get up until 2am.. That's right Emily, I have to get up at 2 am in the morning just to make sure John is up and getting ready for the Cooper Bridge Run. The Cooper River Bridge Run is an annual 10-kilometer one-way road running event across the Arthur Ravenel Jr. Bridge held in the cities of Mount Pleasant and Charleston in South Carolina, on the first Saturday in April. The Bridge Run is the only competition in South Carolina sanctioned by USA Track and Field as an elite event. Based on number of race finishers, the event is the third largest 10K and the fifth largest road race in the United States.

Everyone has heard of the National Guard well there is a thing known as The South Carolina State Guard. Every state has a state guard the only differences are the National Guard gets paid and is national where as each state has their own guard as in South Carolina State Guard and the people of the SCSG are volunteers. They do not get paid.

Every year the SCSG will help with security on the MT. Pleasant side of the bridge where the race begins. The race ends on the Charleston side of the bridge. John is a LT. soon to be major in SCSG. John has been in the SCSG for the last 8 years and every year he has helped with the Cooper Bridge run.

John has to be up at 2 am so he can be ready and be at the bridge by 330am. John has a problem tying his boots so he has me do it. John has problems bending over to tie his shoes so I help him every time. I do not like it but if John can not get out the door he is a bastard to live with.

Dear Emily,

It's 230am and John is finally out the door and on his way to Mt. Pleasant. I tied his shoes and he left quickly, Now I am awake and decided to write some more.

Anyway instead of going to my new Walmart on James Island at 1pm I will be going in at 930pm, Better to go in early and get off early. At least I do not have to go in the direction of the Cooper Bridge because the Cooper Bridge is closed from 2am until 2pm this afternoon.
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