Today is August 19, 2018
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Looking Up From the Seventh Circle by Zeno of Elea
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It has been a double-fortnight ...
June 13, 2018

It is four weeks since my last entry. Four weeks of assessment and review, meditation and projection coupled with momentous personal and business decisions and not inconsiderable does of travel. One conclusion is that gates, gauges and valves of life need to be opened more fully. Greater engagement, emotional, intellectual and physical is required on my part. No more toeing the touchline but a headlong plunge into the midfield.

At 63 I feel that I am at or near the height of my abilities with the exception of stamina, mental and physical. That must be the summer program, to restore my staying power. I know I will not be thirty-five again but there is no excuse for not being at the upper end of all of my abilities. I will benefit, my partner will benefit, my colleagues and our business partners will benefit. That should all redound in my favor. Emphasis on "should."

Also taking a new approach to sexual expression. Be the dominant, yes always respectful but the dominant none the less. I have been lazy and it has only created confusion and misdirection.

The sabbatical from life is over. Time to get with the program.
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