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Looking Up From the Seventh Circle by Zeno of Elea
August 2018

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August 8, 2018

It has been a month since the last entry. The knee has has taken me into the Valley of the Shadow of Death (what else can one call full anesthetic?) and now struggles, slowly and not without difficulty and pain, to regain the highlands. While this journey has certainly been easier in the good weather it is painful to know that a full half of summer has been dedicated to injury and recovery. Six weeks of good weather should still remain and the challenge is to take full opportunity as it arises.

While activity has been limited, to say the least, the warm summer has been very accommodating to a lack of clothes. Even hobbled I can enforce daily disciplines and no clothes have been allowed in or around the house. Other needs have been left to grow and to build and it seems as if the moment is coming to fully regain control and leadership, use and satisfaction.

On the plus side, the knives, leathers and ropes have never been as well cared for!

Peace and good wishes to all.
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