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This weekend
April 15, 2018

I spent Saturday with Marsha. She lives with Moses in a small home on the edge of the woods. Their life is so simple I sometimes envy them. They live a subsistence lifestyle. He raises then kills the chickens and she grows and picks the vegetables. We went mushroom hunting in the woods. I will, however, admit to not wanting to eat the risotto. I still believe the safest mushrooms are those bought from the supermarket.

There were a few awkward questions asked about Jack. My friends don’t understand our lifestyle. They can't understand why I am not curious about his infrequent trips. Sometimes it's better not to know. I still have this emptiness deep in my belly. At these times I wish I could get some indication of when he returns or even a hint of where he is.

There was a package delivered yesterday. Susan, my neighbour, held it for my return Its addressed to Jack. I think it’s the surprise he hinted at the other day. My curiosity is raised and my mind is trying to think what it can be. That is keeping me occupied.

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