October 2018
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positive healing vibes :D
by LilRN703
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1st entry
October 10, 2018

I would like to start by saying I am such a perfectionist that I often change what I write 10 times and end up not writing what I am thinking or wanting to say. So I am going to do my best to just type what I think (I probably will fix all of the typos). I also add in things on previous thoughts like this lol. "lol" and "haha" are me actually laughing or giggling and and form of ":)" is me smiling. I like to paint a picture for people (if anyone reads this) to really get to know me and try to spread the love :)
After probably a year of me saying I was gonna start journaling on the computer (so I can type faster), I am finally doing it.
Why? Because I need an outlet and also a place to find myself. The thoughts in my head need to be sorted out.
Being a nurse I see life in every color, trust me when I say we are all bamboozled lol. But that I will get into another time. I will say goodbye for now as my husband will be home and we're making dinner. I have surprised him with buying stuff for an asian chicken wrap he wanted (I am never cute like this it's always him.)
Btw I ate a brownie and wrote this :D

after going to post this I see the ""Smilies" and now feel like and idiot. Oh well lol.
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