Today is January 19, 2021
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Total Exertion. by Amanda22Jane
October 2020

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Election Phase Started. (Updated.)
October 5, 2020

Well. The two top ladies of this country : Jacinda Ardern and Judith Collins, are scrapping it out in the usual style of politics here. I'm going with Labour again. Voted National for years, and this is my second time round back with Labour.
Official voting began Saturday 03rd of this month, and ends on the 17th.
I was too tired to go and vote on Saturday because of my big walk, so this week I'll find out where the closest polling venue is and get it done. I recently got my easy vote form in the mail. Polling venues are generally set up in educational facilities such as schools here. I think that's a really nice touch. I am extremely grateful that we live violence~free when it comes to political voting time. We're pretty blessed here. I feel sad and angry, yet not bitterly so, that New Zealand has raised one damn spoilt generation after another who ride on the back of entitlement, complacency and political indifference. I'm apolitical myself and still fucken vote.

Rant ON So New Zealand? Get your bloody asses off your comfort zones and get the hell out and vote. Stop taking our world of national privileges for granted and lend a personal hand to run this country. I'm sick and tired of hearing the same old attitudes, and justifications. I DARE YOU TO VOTE. Time and time again we leave this country to a very few to run. We are blessed to have MMP. Time and again I have said in my heart that I won't vote this time round and I have ended up doing it anyway. It's up to you and I to bring about change. God knows our country could do with it right now.
I may be on a government benefit, but I too pay taxes, and I am a wholly legitimate case. And if you think I enjoy being stuck on a government benefit, think again. I fucken don't. Yet I am so very grateful that our government looks after me financially. You're vote counts, so make it count. And the only way YOU AND I can make it count, is by voting. Political indifference and ennui I don't like. In fact I hate it Rant OFF

Back later.

00:13 I'm back and I'm stuffed out. Hell of a day. And I haven't drunk. Best, bestest thing ever. A HELL of a day. G'nite.

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