Today is January 19, 2021
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Total Exertion. by Amanda22Jane
October 2020

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October 15, 2020

Today was my second to last fortnightly appointment with my diabetes nurse, Teena.
(I wish I was slender and tiny like her, but I'm not.)
Thereafter, my appointments will be monthly. If I want to lose weight and lose my shit into this VERY good bargain? It's entirely up to me. Nobody can do the work except myself. Others ~including God~ can love and encourage me until the cows come home, but at the end of the day, it's entirely up to me.
Hells bells, did I just WRITE that?? that.

I said to happy, bright, very brave Teena, as I walked in the door, that I would burst into tears and give up if I had gained weight.

I have lost 2 kilos. 113 kgs. I was back up to 115 kgs 3 weeks ago. 117 kgs when I first begun this at the beginning of August 2020.
So no tears spilt today and I'm not giving up.
(Floating on Cloud9 actually.)

It's lovely how Teena knows just what comforting words to say, to help bolster me up. And her smile helps. Being a diabetic nurse can't be an easy job at times. I'm yet to see a sensible weight person visit her room.
She was a little pissed off with me last visit. I understand why. I wasn't working at it.
A positive outcome and the future does look brighter from my side after today's weigh~in.

I walk tomorrow and Saturday. Enjoying my bedrest as it's come between shopping for my food and more cat food. I didn't finish theirs yesterday.

Lunch was a treat meal: A hearty chicken and vegetable salad, closed sandwich on Vogel's thin sliced bread with a huge unsweetened Chai Latte. Delicious.

Ate the remaining baking from the afternoon tea party yesterday. I baked mini quiches. 6" in diameter tiny. The wholemeal pastry I rolled really thin. The filling was gorgeous. It had a 1/4 Cup of heavy cream in it though, along with eggs, fresh cherry tomatoes chopped up into tiny chunks, dried Italian mixed herbs, black pepper, low fat salami julienned, 1/2 Cup brown lentils, pickling onions diced up tiny. Mix, spoon into unbaked pastry cups and bake on high until puffed and golden brown. Quite delicious. I put plenty of dried herbs in it. Love my Italian herbs. Especially oregano and sweet basil. Mm~m!!

I'm just trying to fool my body into thinking that it's not on a diet. Eating way less, more water, exercise and watching Noom app. I don't have junkfood treats anymore. For at least a year I need to eat very little of these foods that come in packets that you pop open and eat straight out. Not good. I'll eat them but not that often and only 1 packet cf 3 packets. I've not had any during the last 3 weeks. I did good!

Okay. I'm doing well, even though I don't think I am. Have 2L of Calcitrim milk now. No yoghurt this week. Just red meat too. Fish next week. I love fish. Got bananas. Yay for monkey fruit!! Gotta go ...peace to you.
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