Today is January 19, 2021
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Total Exertion. by Amanda22Jane
October 2020

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My Legs Are Hurting😥👎
October 16, 2020

Man, am I in pain. It's constant stabbing, sharp pain. I've not got the energy to shower AND cook dinner, with the time at 18:37 p.m. on a sunny, and balmy Friday night. I'm lying down on my unmade bed with the duvet over me a little bit and my feet hanging off the side of the bed because they're dirty.
Spent 5 and a half hours solid working on cleaning most of the outside of our Seniors' Lounge. Another workout probably equivalent to walking "The Marathon" circuit, ~plus some~ which is what I wanted to walk today. It's definitely Saturday's walk. Decided to clean today instead.
I feel lovely inside my heart but my shoulders and legs are hurting quite bad. I'll recover...

...actually, my forearms are hurting too. Same kind of pain there. That's new.

Had breakfast, no lunch and just finished a small snack of four large cherry tomatoes with 2 large tablespoons of lite cottage cheese. Decided against buying hard cheese, even though I love hard cheese. The cottage cheese is good though.

Dinner will have to wait for another hour or so. I'm going to lie down after my shower in a fully made up, cosy bed and get warm. I'm freezing and my fingers are purple. A shower will warm me up too, so that's what I'm going to do.

It's incredibly satisfying work serving my little village community. Now the Seniors' Lounge is duly transformed. Next massive event is a major one too. My little bedsit is next to take care of and I have a trailer load of decluttering to haul to The Waste Station and it will be bulldozed into pieces and bound for the nearest landfill. Have no idea where that is..?

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