Today is January 19, 2021
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Total Exertion. by Amanda22Jane
October 2020

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Not So Gruelling.
October 19, 2020

A long walk today but a gentle one. 5.5 kms. In a light rain, and cold wind. Shoes and socks got soaked which I hate. I hate wet shoes. Straight in the shower to warm up, when I got through the door. Locked 3 cats inside otherwise they tread in mud and lawn clippings plus what I bring in.

A good exercise day. Less food intake is getting better. No need to go hungry just eat less.

Tomorrow I start my core exercises along with others.

My usual rolled oats/oatbran soaked in Calcitrim dairy milk. Cows milk is the only thing that will prevent osteoporosis. I drink milk. One No.8 egg, fried quickly in evoo, and 3 medium lentil~&~veggies fritters for lunch, and 3 wholewheat pancakes so far. Need to re~heat some beef stew that I made yesterday and cook some silverbeet. That's my eating done.

21:18 p.m. on a quiet, wet Monday night.

At 21:08 p.m. tonight, my darling niece Sparkles gave birth to a healthy little girl. She went into labour shortly after 16:00 p.m. tonight. A very quick birth. Sparkles literally glowed with motherhood, when I saw her 2 weeks ago. So precious. Little baby girl, this auntie loves you so much. Baby M. Sparkles is 20 now. When I first started writing about Sparkles, she was only 15. Now she's a momma. Her boyfriend is beautiful. He needs to stop smoking weed. YesYesYes


Here is the list of 2020 NZ Election Parties. (MMP or Mixed Member Parliament.) Voting closed Saturday night gone ~ 17/10/20.

I meant to post these ages ago :

♤New Zealand Conservative
♤Advance N.Z.
♤Labour Party
♤Maori Party
♤Act N.Z.
♤Aotearoa Legalize Cannabis Party
♤Green Party
♤National Party
♤N.Z. First Party
♤One Party
♤Social Credit
♤Sustainable N.Z. Party
♤Tea Party
♤The Opportunists Party (TOP)
♤Vision New Zealand

~ And NO...I did not vote for the Tea Party. I'm an adult now and take my vote very seriously.
(I can't believe that there is a Tea Party in New Zealand. That's newly formed. Never heard of it before.)Shaking headShaking headShaking head

All for now.

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