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November 2020

November 10, 2020



First, there's nearly three dozen library Book Requests with Activation dates set for today. Last year around this time I'd pushed them all off into the future by exactly a year, but for some reason that won't work anymore. Easiest to just Cancel the whole list!


Also, the sliding doors on one of the closets need attention, having jammed up on both the track at the top and the flimsy, broken plastic guide thing that's screwed into the floor. Vital parts of the plastic guide thing have gone missing since the last time those stupid doors yanked themselves loose. And no, I can't just buy a new plastic guide thing at Home Depot because nothing they've got there looks even remotely similar.


Looking all around for my sense of humor as well. It helps that for some reason the North Lawn of the White House has been mysteriously dug up in the pale light before dawn. A lot of jokes, there on Twitter, a source I admit I don't often notice.

Well, personally I don't think it's anything nefarious going on, no dead bodies or spy cables or landmines. I think it was just the raccoons! They'll do that sometimes! They'll literally rip up the sod if they sense juicy worms writhing there close to the surface. It's the sweet scent of routine aeration and alimentary cleansing that brings forth these constantly ravenous bandits.

༼ ༼ ༼ ´・ ‿ ・` ༽ ༽つ


in the wind
by floating world
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