Today is November 27, 2020
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Just my life by icequeen
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October 27, 2020

not alot going on..

husband sold his last classic car.. and it heads out Saturday by truck.. i think he sold it too cheap but .. it is done..

had a doc appt.. i have never seen her so mad.. about her family.. someone graduated from college and they wanted to have a party .. my doc said she was not going unless they did it outside.. well her one aunt called her up and bitched.. and finally they did it outside.. so .. turns out someone was infected with covid.. and luckily my doc is ok this was a while ago .. about 3 months.. so she told her aunt off..

we talked about the holidays coming up.. and how people are stupid..

she has had another death since i last saw her and one women went to a birthday party and was infected and now is in hospital on a ventalator and will be for long term..

we are still staying home for the most part.. grocery store and lunch with daughter only at the restruants that are good at cleaning.. and social distancing.. and of course the bottle of alcohol in all our cars..

made alot of scrunchies last night.. finished the last of the masks.. i still have to pull the scrunchies right side out.. and i may make some more.. i used the around the house.. gave the best ones to daughter..

i put some money in her ira .. my daughters.. she has not had her 401k stuff for most of this year.. so i thought i would help her out..

we had lunch with her today .. she is so much more happy at the new place..

all in all a agood day..

oh and i found some hour glass makeup .. i forgot i had.. used it today Oh my goodness.. it is wonderful.. it is blush and setting powder and contour.. just the best stuff.. saw someone do it on youtube.. glad i had some..
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