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October 2020
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11Infections and TV
25So here's how it happened....
28Dat guy got issues!
29Payday tomorrow....
Dat guy got issues!
October 28, 2020

Ok, so remember the guy I mentioned in my last entry? I read more of his diary writings. He never called me by the way, which is fine with me. He's...fucked up to say the least. Ok, I know we all have issues, but his issues are......well, I think he obssesses on certain women/men. Ok, whatever. Lol Not playing that game. Not now, not ever.

Gerry and I have met some great people on Fetlife. People that don't live anywhere near us, but that we could potentially be friends with long term. One is a guy J from Australia. One is a guy D, from PA in the US, one is N from Germany and there's R also from Germany, the only girl on the list and the coolest one of the lot.

I realised that I've been friends with my friend L, (UK), for four years. L, (Ireland), I've known for almost thirty. Lol Long time... Good to have friends.

In pain today. Need to write in my pain diary... Friday, I get my allowance. Planning on buying lots of new sex toys and some cuddly toys to indulge my little side. Sometimes, Gerry and I do DD/LG, daddy Dom/little girl. We mostly watch cartoons and play with stuffed toys or toy soldiers. It's fun. Smile I have to be in the right mood though. I just like buying cuddly toys, or as I call them stuffies, because....I love them. They make them so lifelike now. I have over 600 stuffies. What's a few more?


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