Today is January 21, 2021
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Transmogrification by MsMagenta
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Smooth Sailing
October 2, 2020

Here we are on day 11 post surgery. If it weren’t for the incision marks on my abdomen and the very strange diet I’ve been following, I’d never know I’d had surgery. It’s really pretty remarkable how “normal” I feel. My energy levels are pretty good today. I went grocery shopping yesterday and did fine. I’m able to cook dinners for my husband and tonight I’m even making a dish for a German dinner to enjoy with some friends of ours tonight. We normally do Oktoberfest (at least 2 of them) this time of year. But since everything is cancelled and group outings are not recommended, we’ve decided to go ahead and have a mini one at their house (socially distanced, of course)

I’m finding it very interesting that I still enjoy cooking (so far) just as much as I used to even though I can’t eat this stuff I’m making right now. I was wondering if my husband was going to end up with boring dinners of stuff I don’t like because it bothered me too much. At least for the time being, it’s not bothering me. Don’t get me wrong… some of this stuff looks amazing and I certainly do look forward to the day when I can eat a little bit of the stuff like I’ve made for tonight but… I thoroughly enjoyed the process of making the food, just like I did before surgery. For me, that’s a WIN. I was caramelizing some onions today for the dish and the smell did bug me for a little bit… not in a good way either. But once they cooked down a bit it was fine. It’s just so weird how our bodies change after this surgery.

So I will bring my cream soup, protein powder, and protein pudding over to their house and the 4 of us will FEAST… 3 of them will enjoy German sausages, sauerkraut, and Käsespätzle and the other one will enjoy cream of poblano/corn soup with extra protein and a 2 oz cup of protein pudding for desert. Laughing And the other one is ok with that arrangement Yes

How am I feeling? I think the thicker foods are a lot more satisfying. I have been having protein cream of wheat for breakfast for the last couple of days (Cream of wheat packet made with lowfat milk and protein powder and a splash of sugar free salted caramel syrup… it’s really actually delicious) but I can only eat about 2 tbsp of that before I’m full. I’ve thinned it down quite a bit so it’s not clumpy or pasty. “Full” also feels different. It’s not like I feel Thanksgiving Dinner “full.” It’s hard to describe. It’s a sensation I’m getting that just tells me “you probably should stop now.” And when I do and move the dish out of my way and move on to other things, in about 5 minutes, I notice I’m satisfied. It really is very strange, especially for someone who has been an over-eater most of her life. I sure hope this continues once I’m acclimated to my new belly. I hear it’s more pronounced when I move to the puree and soft foods phase (which happens in 3 more days). We shall see.

Emotionally/mentally, I’m doing OK today. No issues. I’m not sure if I wrote about this yet but I read in one of my information binders that it’s OK to take whole pills if they are smaller than an M&M once you are 7 days out. So… I cut broke my Zoloft pill (not a capsule but a long skinny pill) in half and each of those halves is way smaller than an M&M! So I’ve been taking one half with a sip of water… waiting 5 mins and taking the other half. It hasn’t bothered me one bit and it is MUCH easier than the nasty taste of drinking a crushed pill (which was fine, but it bugged my throat afterwards). So… that’s another win.

Things are going well today. I’m feeling pretty positive about the weekend. Hopefully the weather/air quality will be good enough that we can be outside for a while. I might hop back on my bike and go for a ride.
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