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Trying to slow down
October 9, 2020

I am better today. Whatever it was bugging my tummy yesterday seems to be OK today. After reading more from message boards and support groups, I think it’s time for me to start taking a stool softener daily (for a while until I can get more veggies in my diet). I might think about some fiber supplement but I have to do some research to see if there are any out there that actually work.

I think walking more is really helping over-all. Tonight my husband and I will be doing our long walk. The weather is finally changing enough that we can walk in the evenings without it being too hot. I love Fall.

I’m still doing the puree/soft food. I think tomorrow I’m going to try some fish and see how I do with that. Right now I’ve been doing fine with the varieties of mushy food I’ve created so far.
1. Cream spinach - 5 oz fresh spinach sautéed with onion, a little garlic and chicken broth till soft. Combined with 3 wedges of light Laughing Cow cheese, 2 scoops of protein powder and 2 tbsp of light cream cheese in a food processor. That made about 8 2oz servings. It’s delicious.
2. Roasted sweet potatoes – 1lb pre cubed fresh sweet potato roasted with garlic and onion powder and salt and pepper and the tiniest sprinkles of cinnamon and ground clove (TINY). Cooled and mashed with 1/4 cup of Fairlife milk and salt and pepper and pulverized in a food processor with 2 scoops of protein powder. That made about 9 2oz servings.
3. Egg salad (I LOVE THIS) – 4 hard boiled eggs in a food processor with 2 tbsp light mayo and 2 tbsp of Bolthouse ranch dressing, salt and pepper and 2 scoops of protein powder. This is SO tasty. 5 2oz servings
4. Buffalo Chicken stuff (this is good too) – 1 can of premium chicken breast (big chunks) drained but leaving a little bit of the water it’s packed in for moisture. 1/4 cup of Franks Red Hot sauce. 1/4 cup of Bolthouse ranch dressing and 2 scoops of protein powder. 9 2oz servings.

I’ve got these all stored in my cute little trays in the fridge and it’s been so helpful. I don’t actually feel like eating really. I mean, I’m not sick or nauseated or anything. The idea of trying to figure out what to eat for every meal and then preparing these tiny meals… it’s too much of a pain in the ass and being that I’m not super hungry usually, it’s really helpful to just have these meals ready to grab and go. I enjoy them when I actually do sit down to eat them and the fact that they’re so convenient is IDEAL. I’ve been good about cooking for my husband too. I made sure to shop for some easy meals for him and he’s happy with just about anything. So I can make his meal which still gives me my cooking fix (I really do enjoy cooking still) and I can just grab mine and heat up whatever needs to be heated and there you go! Easy.

Sunday, since I have one more week of puree/soft foods I’ll be making some refried beans with cheese sauce and guacamole. I’m so excited for this! Very Happy And I think I’ll be doing the ricotta bake too. That’s basically ricotta cheese mixed with seasonings and a little bit of parmesan cheese. Put some of that mix in a small ramekin (I have the 2oz size and I LOVE them!) and top it with a little bit of low sugar marinara sauce and a sprinkle of mozzarella. So those little additions to my puree variety should be a welcome change by then. Very Happy

I’m making do and so far, this phase hasn’t been as horrible as I thought it might be. The only thing I’d do differently (I think) is make a smaller amount of each of these recipes because I think I’m going to have to throw some of these portions away before I’ll be able to eat them. I’m figuring it’s safe to keep them in the fridge for about 7 days and then it’s time to toss. So, next time I pre-portion stuff I’ll make less. Again, learning as I go.

Today I’m really trying to eat slower. I swear it’s tough. I use the tiny demitasse spoons that I bought and the tiny cocktail forks but if I don’t pay attention to what I’m doing, I eat one bite right after the other and it starts to feel heavy on my insides right away. I really notice it with avocado. I love avocado and I’m thrilled that it’s not giving me any troubles after surgery. I eat about 1/4 as a snack and it’s so delicious. I look forward to it so much. But it’s really easy for me to eat them too fast. I have to take smaller bites for sure and I have to slow down. I’m trying… I’m really trying. I think it’s going to take me a while since I’ve been a fast eater my whole life. I swear, I’ve had to re-train myself on so many things.

How am I feeling? Pretty good today. I’m glad I’m getting more walking in. It really is true what they say – it makes a difference on so many levels. I’m still struggling finding a liquid that I like. I did the lemonade today and I’ll do fruit punch flavor tomorrow just to get a variety. But I really am worried that if I don’t focus on making SURE I get those liquids in, it’ll be easy to slack. And that can be bad. So again with my need for perfection, I’m choking down my liquids and brushing my teeth often to try and get rid of the nasty taste that almost everything leaves in my mouth. OH! And I got a tongue scraper. I think it actually works. It only brings very temporary relief but I do notice that the nasty taste doesn’t come back quite as quickly as when I just brush my tongue. I’ll take what I can get!

Mentally/emotionally? Still good. Still taking my Zoloft without crushing it and no problems there. I feel pretty stable today, emotionally speaking. Just normal. And for me, normal is fantastic!
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