Today is January 21, 2021
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October 11, 2020

Well this was a busy day and now I’m exhausted. My father came over to watch football with us and I made a huge pot of spaghetti sauce, meatballs, and some bread. I’ll tell you, this was a true test because this is my absolute most favorite dinner in the world. I love my spaghetti sauce and I love spaghetti. I was completely amazed that I wasn’t even tempted. It smelled delicious. I taste-tested throughout the cooking process and when it came time to serve my husband and my father I was not interested in eating it at all. That is a true miracle because if anything is going to tempt me, it’s that! It’s so weird to me how this surgery changes so much. It’s such a mental thing, I think. Well, at least in part.

So I cooked and cleaned and did laundry and did some meal prep for the week (just a small amount… I will be making more tomorrow). Then I took my father home and ran to the grocery store for some last-minute items. Now I’m EXHAUSTED. I just want to go lay down and watch Schitt’s Creek and pass out Very Happy ! But oh no. That’s impossible because I still have to finish drinking my stupid water I'm ill and then I have one more thing I have to eat to get my protein in. I am NOT hungry. I ate my egg salad for dinner (one of my favorites) and I still have to get in my protein pudding. Since I just finished dinner, I am full so I need to be up for at least another hour or 2 to eat my pudding when I’m able. This new eating regimen takes a lot of planning. I’m still trying to figure it all out.

Tomorrow I have to add all my vitamins to my schedule. So far, I’ve only been taking my multivitamin and my iron pill. Tomorrow everything changes.
Morning: Multivitamin, Iron supplement, B complex, Colace (stool softener… that’s fun)
Noon: Calcium supplement, famotidine (antacid), D3 supplement
5:00 PM: Multivitamin, Iron supplement, B complex, Colace (again)
Bedtime: Calcium supplement, Zoloft
Dear God! That’s a LOT. I bought one of those pill organizers with 4 daily compartments. Each day of the week is a separate container that can be removed from the main tray and stored in my purse or whatever. I think it’ll be handy when I go back to work in the office (if that ever happens) or if we go away for a day or 2. This weekend we’ll be out of town so it’ll be handy just to throw Friday, Saturday, and Sunday boxes in my suitcase and go. I’m going to be talking to my doctor about this because I want to be sure I’m taking the correct vitamins for the sleeve. All of my materials they gave me were for when we thought I’d be having bypass. But I don’t know if VSG requires fewer vitamins since the malabsorption isn’t an issue with the sleeve. I don’t know. I’ll be sure to clear that up with the doc because these vitamins are EXPENSIVE each month. I end up spending about $90 a month just on vitamins alone. Surprised But it’s worth it. It really is. I’m not sure when I go in for my bloodwork post-surgery. I think it’s somewhere around the 3rd month if I remember correctly. I feel fine so that’s a good sign.

One thing I’m struggling with (still) is finding a way to drink my water without it being torture. I really wish I liked plain water. But with this weird taste in my mouth lately, I need something that covers that up, at least temporarily. So as I mentioned, I have been adding those flavor packets to my water and that’s fine for the first 20-30 oz but then I’m finding that I absolutely HATE IT. The last couple days I’m had to choke down those final 32-34 oz and it’s torture. I’ve tried to freeze it so that it’s slushy. That’s a bit easier to take but it’s still awful. I need to figure this out because staying hydrated is absolutely critical so I can’t mess around with that. I just wish I could find something I loved. It definitely helps to switch up the flavors but even that is driving me crazy. I think it’s getting to the point where I’m just going to have to figure out how to drink water… just plain ol’ water. I'm ill I have to train myself. Maybe if I break up the flavored stuff with just bottles of plain water it might be easier. Not so much fake sweet flavor. I think that’s what’s bugging me. Maybe? Who knows.

And now – let’s talk about stool softener. HOORAY. I have upped my dose to 2x per day. It’s not doing much so far but I’m hoping it kicks in. I’m not miserable but I know if I let it go too long I will be. I know this is a common side-effect of this new eating plan because I don’t get much fiber when I’m eating soft and pureed food that’s high in protein. I am so looking forward to being able to eat raw vegetables again. I’m thinking that’ll help things start moving again too. But it’s going to be a few months until my body can handle that. I miss my salads a lot. But even when I can eat salads, they’re going to have to be small. From what I understand, they fill you up fast and I likely won’t be able to eat much of it anyway. But I cannot wait for the day I can have a salad again. I’ll get there. In the meantime, stool softener it is!

How am I feeling? Today I’m dragging. I did a lot of moving around today with the cooking and cleaning. I’m tired and I know I will sleep well tonight.

Mentally/emotionally – solid. No issues today.

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