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So about that Eating Slower thing...
October 12, 2020

Today was another lesson learned. I'm ill

The day went fine. I was able to get in all of my vitamins/pills (so far) and get my food in on schedule. I was pretty busy with work so I did find myself running behind in my food/meds schedule but I managed just fine through lunch. About 2:00 I was getting ready to leave the house. I had to help a friend of ours move a bookcase. They needed our truck not my muscles to move stuff. I wasn’t sure how long that would take so I grabbed a cheese stick to eat while I was putting on my makeup so I wouldn’t be overly hungry if it took more time than I was planning. I began eating the cheese stick (the same kind of cheese stick that I’ve had a million times) and about 3/4 of the way through it, I put it down because it felt like I was full. Not even a minute after that final bite, I got a weird feeling. I thought maybe the stool softener was working (AGAIN)… more on that later. Then that weird feeling turned into that very familiar “I think I might puke” feeling. And before I could think too much longer, it turned to the “Yep… I’m absolutely going to puke” feeling. I jumped up, quickly grabbed a hair tie (don’t want puke on my hair before I go out in public), and knelt before the porcelain throne. Yep… puke indeed. There wasn’t much in my stomach to throw up but there was a lot of bile. Wow. I won’t be doing that again! As soon as I threw up, I felt fine. I brushed my teeth and swished some mouthwash and carried on with my day.

All I can figure is that I ate too fast. I know better. I also know better than to eat when I’m not focused. This is one of the cardinal rules. You really should be just focused on eating… not eating while doing something else. I thought I was eating slowly but looking back, I did finish that 3/4 of a cheese stick pretty quickly. It’s amazing to me how quickly my body said “nope.” It was a text book experience… exactly what I read would happen. It was unpleasant, to put it mildly, and enough to teach me a very good lesson. Crazy. Another lesson learned

And yes, the morning I woke up to very definite signs that the stool softener was working. Surprised I must have gone to the bathroom 4 times today. That’s a good thing but now my stomach is making all kinds of strange (LOUD) noises. I don’t hurt or anything but I definitely know there’s activity going on in there. What a day.

I was able to eat my dinner and take my evening vitamins/pills with no difficulty (so far) but you can bet I was very deliberate about how big my bites were and how slowly I ate. It took me about 45 minutes to eat 3 oz of lentil soup (I made this homemade and it was SO GOOD) and about an ounce of very soft asparagus. It’s easy for me to get too comfortable and eat too fast or too much. So far, I’ve been OK with not eating too much. Tonight was a close call. It’s just one bite that can put me over the top so I’m really learning to pay attention to the rather subtle feelings that I’m full. I suspect that for many people who don’t have a habit of over eating, that full feeling is something they’re already very familiar with. Not me. In the past, I’ve always eaten so quickly that I zip right past the “full” sensation and then suddenly I’M STUFFED. That’s been my entire life, really. I love food. I am now re-learning how to eat… to eat for nutrition, not for taste. That’s a strange thing for me. But this surgery sure is helping me find a way to figure that out.
Tomorrow I do my weekly weigh-in. I never know until I step on that scale. My focus has been walking, water, and sticking to the plan. I think if I saw the numbers on a scale every day it would drive me crazy. I’m just trying to focus on doing what I’m told. Very Happy

How am I feeling – Tired tonight. Not debilitatingly tired. Just appropriately tired for a day of activity with a little vomiting thrown in for good measure Laughing

Mentally/emotionally – still normal. Nothing to report.
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