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October 2020

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Road Trip Stories
October 19, 2020

What a weekend. So many after-surgery firsts. I learned so much.

First of all, what’s a road trip without constant mindless snacking on anything and everything that is void of nutrition and LOADED with useless calories? Oh my. We have our usual pitstops on this particular road trip where we load up on snacks like chips, candy, diet pepsi, trail mix, you name it! Well… obviously, this time was a little different. I wanted SOMETHING so I didn’t feel left out so I got a dill pickle and a turkey stick. Jenny O makes these single serving strips of turkey breast in a little packet for on-the-go snacking. GENIUS! These are perfect. They’re super high in protein and the whole stick is 25 calories! So I grabbed a couple of those. I still have 1 left because I could only eat half at a time. And I picked up a new variety of protein drinks. Fairlife Core. OH MY GOD! These taste exactly like chocolate Nestle Quick and Strawberry Nestle Quick. They are delicious but unfortunately they don’t sit very well in my stomach so I had about 3 sips then had to give them to my husband. The bottom line is that I made it to and from our destination with sensible snacking and I didn’t feel bad that my husband got the delicious peanut butter malt balls and Doritos Laughing.

Then… the huge celebration for my mother in law’s birthday. We did a surprise birthday gathering for her and there was SO MUCH FOOD. My brother in law made his DELICIOUS BBQ tri tip. I did have one TINY bite (we’re talking the size of my pointer finger nail) and I chewed that piece of deliciousness to oblivion before I swallowed. It was HEAVENLY. And then… I met my other brother-in-law’s new girlfriend who is a PHENOMENAL Mexican cook. Everything she makes is so authentic and flavorful. She brought over a huge pot of barbacoa (which is seasoned beef that literally falls apart), fresh corn tortillas, and homemade salsa. And I did have another fingernail size bite of that (just the meat) with some of the green salsa. Enough to taste it without dying. It was AMAZING. My sister in law made everyone’s favorite mac and cheese, there was homemade guacamole, BBQ sausages, chicken, beef, fresh garlic bread, dips, chips, you name it… it was there! I made a big pan of asparagus and mushrooms so I would have some veggies there to eat with my special protein meal. So there was a IMMENSE amount of food. I was a little bit anxious for a brief moment because SO MUCH GOOD FOOD and I had to eat my 2 oz portion of chicken and gravy that I had pre-mixed and pre-portioned. Was I going to be super bummed about the fact that I couldn’t eat the good stuff? For a split second, I was. I’m not gonna lie. But then, as I sat there with my food and tiny plate of tiny fingernail size bites of avocado, tri tip, 1 piece of elbow macaroni from the mac and cheese (literally one macaroni Laughing ) I was FINE. I tasted all the stuff I really needed to taste and then I ate my asparagus and chicken and suddenly was so uninterested in food that I actually didn’t even finish my meal. I ate enough to be satisfied but eh… I was over it. I helped clean up and that was good for me to do something other than sit around and watch everyone eat seconds and 3rds of the delicious stuff… but it was fine.

Then dessert. Oh my god. My niece made my mother-in-law’s favorite chocolate cupcakes with chocolate frosting and a chocolate-dipped strawberry on top. I made my mother in law’s favorite cheesecakes (coconut cream and banana cream cheesecakes… both my favorites as well) and I was not even a little bit bothered that I couldn’t have any. I didn’t even lick my fingers after I was done serving! Mostly because I was terrified of what might happen if I had sugar! And instead I ate my protein pumpkin fluff stuff that I made. The only reason I even ate that was because I had to have something in my stomach to take my evening vitamins and I had to get the rest of my protein in. It was crazy! I wasn’t sure how I’d feel not being able to have what everyone else was having but I think I did just fine.

This weekend I noticed a definite shift. I was just NOT interested in food at all. It was really a chore to get in all of my required protein. I sat down with my breakfast, my lunch, and my dinner and I really did have to make a concerted effort to EAT. Even on the trip home, I didn’t feel like anything for breakfast so I drank some of my chocolate protein drink and again, I could only handle about 3 sips before my stomach said “enough.” At least I was able to take my vitamin with just that in my stomach. I ate another half of the turkey stick and a couple bites of dill pickle while I drove. But the idea of eating any of my pre-packed stuff just was not appealing to me. We got home about 2:00 so I was able to eat enough protein during my afternoon snack and dinner to get in my required protein for the day. But wow. That was a new experience for me. I ALWAYS wanted to eat before. It didn’t matter if I was hungry or not. Now, really the only reason I’m eating is because I know it’s not healthy for me not to. Yes, I do feel hunger pangs but I’m just so uninterested in food. Thank GOD for the pre-packed portions I have in the fridge. If I had to actually prepare stuff for me, I’d really be in trouble.

But one of the BEST things that has happened is that I think I’m finally used to drinking plain water. It doesn’t gross me out as much as it used to. I still don’t love it, but I’m able to drink it with no flavorings added and in the required daily amounts. The last few days I’ve actually been drinking more than the minimum amount required which is great. I really can’t stand the fake sugar taste in many things lately so those water additives were killing me. Now that I can drink regular water without hating every moment, I feel much better. That was certainly a challenge.

Tomorrow I weigh in and meet with my surgeon at 11:00 AM for my month post-op. I’m actually 1 day shy of my actual month date post surgery (the 21st will be 1 month). I will do my measurements on that day to see what one month of progress looks beyond what the scale is telling me. I feel pretty positive about it all. I’m doing all the things I’m supposed to. So that’s all I can do.

Wednesday is my day when I move to the next phase of my post-surgery diet. No more purees… just regular foods. Soft foods but anything I feel like trying (minus fried foods, sugary foods, or stringy fibrous foods). I’m looking forward to being able to make dinner for me and my husband and I will eat some of whatever I make him… well at least the protein and the veggies. I will need to stay away from carbs and focus on the protein and vegetables but still- one step closer to normalcy. I believe I will be eating no more than 3-4 oz total per meal. I will confirm this with my nutritionist tomorrow when we have the support group. It’ll be my first one since surgery. I’m looking forward to it. It’s a zoom call and we’ll be able to ask questions and get help from others who are further along in the process. I’m really looking forward to that.

How am I feeling? GREAT! I have energy. I’m sleeping better. I feel very rested when I wake up in the morning. I still need to walk more to get to my 10K steps and I will keep pushing to improve on that. But over-all, I’m feeling great.

Mentally/emotionally – I’m a little apprehensive about moving into this next phase of eating. I get nervous and apprehensive with each new phase so this is nothing new. I just worry that I won’t do it right and I’ll mess up and gain a ton of weight back Laughing Yes, logically I know better. It’s probably still pretty impossible for me to eat to much of anything right now without paying dearly for that bad decision. But you know, it’s the unknown so I worry a little. I bought all kinds of healthy protein for my dinners (cod, tilapia, salmon, shrimp, chicken breast…) so I’m ready to go. And I’m SO EXCITED to be able to eat fish and seafood again!!! That’s going to be my Wednesday dinner! I’m ready! And I know if I just follow the plan and keep everything portioned according to the recommendations, I’ll be fine. I’m just nervous about the newness of it. But other than that, I’m feeling good. I’m feeling very positive that I wasn’t overly bummed about not getting to have the road trip snacks and the huge spread of delicious food we had at the party! That makes me happy. There are going to be lots of these types of gatherings, especially with the holidays around the corner, so it’s good that I’m getting in the practice runs now Smile

Well that’s the update so far. I’ll check in tomorrow with my weekly weigh in and any news from my 1-month post op.
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